Teresa Palmer & Sarah Wright Olsen Write Book About Pregnancy Loss, Parenting

Teresa Palmer and Sarah Wright Olsen have supported each other through the joy and pain that comes with motherhood, including pregnancy loss.

Now, the actors and co-founders of the Your Zen Mama blog, are sharing their stories in a new book that encompasses motherhood — from infertility to postpartum — and advice so parents and little ones can be healthy and "zen(ish)."

"We want it to feel like we're giving you a big warm hug, and we are being encouraging and supportive and uplifting," Palmer, 35, says in a joint interview with Wright Olsen, 37, about The Zen Mama Guide to Finding Your Rhythm in Pregnancy, Birth, and Beyond, which published on Tuesday.

"We also really hope that women will take away from the book that they need to let their mama intuitive voice be the loudest voice they listen to," she continues. "Take what works for you, and leave the rest."

Between them, the women are raising seven children. Palmer, who stars alongside Matthew Goode in the hit show A Discovery of Witches, is mom to Bodhi, 7, Forest, 4, and Poet, 1, and stepmom to Isaac, 11. She and husband Mark Webber are currently expecting their fourth baby together.

Wright Olsen, who has starred in Mad Men and currently appears in Netflix's Spinning Out, shares Esmé, 4, Wyatt, 7, and Winter, 6 months, with her NCIS: Los Angeles star husband, Eric Christian Olsen.

While they both consider themselves "pretty relaxed" moms when it comes to their parenting style, they've also ridden out storms together. In 2015, Palmer says she suffered a pregnancy loss, which she shares in The Zen Mama Guide.

Years later, while writing the book together, Wright Olsen says she also experienced a pregnancy loss — and she turned to her friend and her words for comfort.

"I actually suffered a pregnancy loss while we were writing the book. Teresa had written the pregnancy loss chapter in her voice," says Wright Olsen. "I did a disclaimer at the beginning that said, 'This is how you can support someone and be a good friend.' And 'Don't shy away from them, it makes them feel even more isolated.' Then in the process of editing, I actually had a pregnancy loss."

The star continues: "I called Teresa, and went back and I read all the pages that she had written and all the different stories. It was something that really helped me to heal and made me feel so held."

For Wright Olsen, reading their draft after her pregnancy loss served as an "affirmation."

"It's so good that we [included a section on pregnancy loss] because it helped me in real time," she says. "So I knew that it would help someone else."

Keep reading for more from the candid joint interview in which the stars share about giving birth during the COVID-19 pandemic and their parenting styles.

PEOPLE: What kind of misunderstandings and misconceptions about pregnancy loss do you want to dismantle with your book?

PALMER: I had been through a pregnancy loss in 2015, and I remember that one of the saddest parts of it was that the pregnancy books that I had got out again for the second time and I was excitedly reading through, I suddenly felt kicked out of the club, because I lost my baby. In these pregnancy books, there was nothing about pregnancy loss. I just sheepishly put away all my pregnancy books again.

We want women to pick up this book and read it and feel so included in the process. If they're reading this book and they suffer pregnancy loss, they don't have to put this book away. They can continue reading this book. If they're struggling with infertility, they can continue reading this book. You hear pregnancy loss and you think of one particular thing, but there are so many specific types of loss. We just wanted to dedicate that time to writing about all of it.

PEOPLE: What helped you heal after you pregnancy loss?

PALMER: Probably just reaching out to my community, my sisterhood, who uplifted me and held my hand. I had told everyone at four weeks pregnant that I was pregnant. I had blabbed to the whole world, essentially. Then I had to go back and remember all the people I had told. But I felt really held by my friends.

WRIGHT OLSEN: I would say the same: hearing other people's stories and just talking to my friends. I wasn't aware of how many people in my life had experienced pregnancy loss at that point. But I do remember, after this weekend where I took a lot of time for myself to process what was happening, I came home to flowers on my doorstep from one of my friends who had also suffered pregnancy loss. Another one of my friends sent chocolate and a bottle of wine to my house. Someone else showed up at my door, and Teresa FaceTimed me. I was just like, "Whoa!" I honestly had no idea that that was a way that people show up for you when something like that happens. I've suffered different kinds of loss in my life, but never that, and [the support] was just so beautiful.

PEOPLE: Sarah, what was it like to give birth during the pandemic?

WRIGHT OLSEN: I was nervous… I'd had a home birth before with my first child. I kept thinking, should I go back to do a home birth again? Because I had planned a hospital birth and I just really love my doctor. My gut kept telling me that I wanted to be with my doctor at the hospital, even though it was COVID, which was crazy because I'm like the most locked down person. For me, it definitely felt like more of a medical setting this time around….

But it was still a beautiful birth. I'm so glad that I did it there. At the end of the day, I was safe and I went home and nothing happened. I was so grateful that I had my baby and she was healthy.

PEOPLE: Teresa, how is this pregnancy experience different from the others?

PALMER: I went in for a scan and the whole experience was so different. The signs everywhere saying you cannot bring a guest in, one person at a time in the waiting room. It was actually a very well-oiled machine….

It was funny, I got to see my daughter, not for the first time, but I guess for the first time in her full form, really looking like a baby now, and seeing her face. I was like, "Oh, this is so interesting. I'm doing this on my own." I'm so used to my other three babies, having my husband there getting all giddy and excited with me. So I FaceTimed him and I took video, but that is just a different experience too. It's quite isolating.

Way It Saved Me'

PEOPLE: What advice do you give to new moms in your book? Especially as they navigate physical and emotional challenges after giving birth?

PALMER: We have a postpartum section of the book where we focus on how your mind is affected. When your lows feel too low, what do you do? Who do you turn to? Who can you call? We write out very distinct symptoms and signs so people can actually read them and say, "Oh, this does sound like me. I am feeling like it's getting worse, not getting better again."

We talk about postpartum anxiety with dads, which is something that's not really talked about that much. The statistics are quite high in terms of dads navigating anxiety after the birth of their baby. We talk about body image, we talk about newborn care, we try and cover the whole gamut of that postpartum experience because there's so many things that collide at once. You're also not sleeping, you have all these hormonal dips and shifts, your milk is coming in, you're trying to breastfeed. It's just a really challenging time for so many mothers.

WRIGHT OSLEN: I had postpartum anxiety and the craziest intrusive thoughts that would happen to me. I didn't really understand it with my first [baby], but then as I started talking to a postpartum therapist about it, I was like, "Oh, that's what this is." I'd been having these crazy, intrusive thoughts about something bad happening to my child in the middle of the night. She explained it to me and she's like, "It's totally normal." It really takes [the pressure] off your shoulders when you hear that you're not the only one that that happens to.

PEOPLE: How would you describe your parenting style?

PALMER: Sarah is my No. 1 go-to when there's something going on with the kids. I'm like, "Oh my goodness, it's crazy over here. How do I deal with this?" Because we're so like-minded in the way we parent … I like to say we're with both pretty relaxed. We're pretty chill. I try and keep things fun and light.

It's important to set boundaries with your kids, but we try and make things an adventure and be as understanding and compassionate to the children as possible. … Sarah and I don't practice traditional discipline with our kids. It's definitely more of a conscious-minded, gentle discipline and actually just talking to them, communicating with them, talking about their feelings.

WRIGHT OLSEN: For example, I told my daughter the other day, "I'm feeling really nervous, I have this meeting. I'm feeling it right here, like tension in my chest, and I'm feeling nervous. What do you think I should do about it?" And my daughter, who's now 4 years old, she was like, "Well, you have to do the meeting, right?" I was like, "Yeah." She goes, "So I think you need to take a deep breath into where you're feeling it." And she was like, "And then exhale." And she said, "And you got to tell yourself, we got to just keep moving forward." And I was like, "I love that, that's a great thing! Okay, I'm going to do it." [Then she said,] "And really? At the end of the day, it doesn't matter."

Teresa and I both follow this philosophy with our kids: Meet the needs as the needs arise.

The Zen Mama Guide to Finding Your Rhythm in Pregnancy, Birth, and Beyond is on sale now.

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Jimmy Fallon's Wife Nancy Juvonen 'Went All Out' to Make Pod School for Their Girls: 'It's Legit'


Jimmy Fallon's wife Nancy Juvonen brought homeschooling to a new level.

On a special episode of The Tonight Show, marking one year since the show was forced to shoot remotely at Fallon's home, the late-night host, 46, greeted viewers in front of a group of excited children.

The at-home pod school is where his girls, Winnie and Franny, do their learning, along with the kindergarteners and first graders of neighbors and family friends.

"It's called the Barn School and it's a New York curriculum school and they're very good students and they're very polite," Fallon said during the opening of Friday's episode. "Before it was a school, we did a show from here a year ago. And before it was the show, it was my home. So welcome to our show."

Speaking with PEOPLE ahead of the episode, Fallon explained that Nancy took it upon herself to create the safe and productive place for their kids to learn.

"Last spring, when they were on Zoom school, you can see they get distracted. You look away and a couple of minutes later they're playing with dolls," Fallon says.  

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Jimmy Fallon Celebrates 7 Years of The Tonight Show with His Daughters: 'My Favorite Co-Hosts'

So when the new school year rolled around and the talk show returned to the studio in Manhattan, "My wife started a school," he says.

"We said, 'Let's just have a pod school with our neighbors and friends,' so we got teachers and a principal and a teacher's assistant and a curriculum from the school district, so yeah, it's legit."

Fallon adds that they outfitted the school with old lockers from a high school and materials from eBay. "My wife went all out. We were so lucky to be able to pull it off."

Jimmy Fallon's Daughter, 5, Adorably Interrupts His At-Home Tonight Show to Tell Him a Secret

Last May, Fallon told PEOPLE that Nancy was the one keeping their at-home Tonight Show all together, coordinating the kids' schooling and keeping them occupied with art projects, while also running cameras, essentially helping to produce the show.

"My wife is the brains behind this whole thing," he said at the time. "She's the production scout, the producer, the lighting person, the editor, the director. I could not do any of this without my wife. She is everything."

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Wyatt Russell Says Becoming Father to Son Buddy Rewired His Brain: 'Now It's About Him'

Wyatt Russell says becoming a parent is better than expected.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier actor, 34, and his wife Meredith Hagner recently welcomed their first baby together, son Buddy Prine, and as the new dad says, fatherhood is simply "incredible" and "can't be better."

"It's everything you didn't know it was going to be," he tells Entertainment Tonight. "I think everything you hope it's gonna be is like a mish-mash in your mind before it really happens and then after it happens, whatever happened before is almost like [it never happened]."

Russell adds, "Biologically, I think it does something to your brain where you just erase half your life before you've lived there. And now it's about him and your family and trying to balance everything, and time, and new, amazing problems, amazing issues to have."

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Celebrity Babies Born in 2021 (So Far!)

Russell and Hagner, 33, connected on set in 2016 while filming Folk Hero & Funny Guy together, following in the footsteps of his parents Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell, who hit it off while shooting Swing Shift in 1983. They got engaged in 2018 and later tied the knot in September 2019 at Hawn's house in Aspen, Colorado.

Sharing a glimpse at her baby shower in November, the Search Party actress wrote on Instagram, "What a wild gift to carry this sweet life. my soulmate/ husband and I are overjoyed. Thanks to my california nearest and dearests for this magical, heavily covid tested day."

Wyatt's sister Kate Hudson revealed their pregnancy news on Instagram in November. "Celebrating our next family member today 👶 🍼 First for my bro Wy and @merediththeweasel We are over the moon and can't wait!!!!" Hudson wrote at the time, sharing a photo of her kissing Hagner's baby bump.

Wyatt previously raved about spending time with his nieces and nephews, telling PEOPLE in August 2018, "We get to go on vacations and stuff in the summer and be able to see each other and hang out it's nice. … I just try to spend as much quality time with them as I can."

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Bekah Martinez Feels a 'Lot of Anxiety About Being a Good Parent' After Recently Hiring a Nanny

Bekah Martinez is still getting used to having a nanny.

Last week, the Chatty Broads podcast co-host, 26, revealed to her Instagram followers that she was in the process of hiring a part-time nanny to be with daughter Ruth Ray De La Luz, 2, and 8-month-old son Franklin James while she and boyfriend Grayston Leonard work. She said the move was a "big step" for her, accepting that she needs occasional childcare help to meet all her demands.

On her Instagram Story Monday, Martinez shared some of the anxieties she's felt since bringing on the babysitter, whom she says is a "great fit."

"The past few days I've been having recurring anxiety that I've been drugged (it's something that's happened off and on in the past, nothing new)," she writes. "but in the car I got to sort through why it's been coming up lately… I think that fear is tied to the feeling of being out of control."

"And lately I've felt that 'out of control' feeling in regards to the new babysitter," continues Martinez. "We love her, and it seems like she's a great fit. I just have a lot of anxiety about being a good parent and being present enough for my kids."

The mom of two adds that she "realized that certain forms of obsessions are just other fears in my life manifesting themselves as specific anxieties."

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 Bekah Martinez Talks Overcoming 'Dark' Postpartum Mindset, Pressures of Being the 'Perfect Mom'

Last week, Martinez said on her Instagram Story that she has been experiencing periodic breakdowns while juggling parenting, schoolwork, professional obligations and other life demands. As a result, she says she realized it's okay to ask for help, and she posted a listing seeking a nanny for three days a week.

"I came to the realization that I'm not superwoman. It's also really hard to come to that realization because it's hard to realize that I need help," Martinez said. "Especially right now, what I need help with is my kids. And it's really hard for me to admit that."

Martinez added that, having once worked as a nanny before becoming a mom, she never expected she would "want or need help with my kids."

"[Kids] deserve to have someone's undivided attention, and you deserve time to get your s— done that you need to get done," said Martinez.

"I'm really excited," she said, adding, "Still feeling guilty and kind of feeling like s— about it, but I think it's a good step in the right direction of letting go my control. And hopefully taking stress off my plate and hopefully, I don't know, giving my kids something special too."

Concluding her message to fellow parents, Martinez said fellow moms and dads don't have to have as many demands as she does to feel "validated" in their parenting struggles.

"I understand. And I know that it's f—ing hard. And I see you," she said. "Don't you dare tell yourself, like, 'Oh, this person is doing this, this and that, and they're doing it. And I can't even do just this and this.' That is bulls—. Do not tell yourself that."

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Danielle Jonas Talks Getting Creative in the Kitchen with the Help of Daughters Valentina and Alena

Like most moms, Danielle Jonas has gotten creative with how she entertains her family during the coronavirus pandemic.

The jewelry designer is mom to daughters Alena, 7, and Valentina, 4, and has used the last year as a chance to become more comfortable in the kitchen with her two children.

"Me and my girls experiment now, so I'm doing it with them because I am so picky and I don't want them to be. It annoys me that I'm so picky, so I'm learning with them," she tells PEOPLE exclusively.

"They pretend that they're doing YouTube videos and it's all, 'I need my chef hat, Mommy, I need my ingredients!' "

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She believes it's only a matter of time before the girls start a YouTube channel of their own, saying, "I wouldn't be surprised, to be honest. I think it would be cooking, arts and crafts, playing with L.O.L. Surprise! dolls."

Jonas, 34, says that despite the challenges of having everyone at home, it's been a rare opportunity for her and husband Kevin Jonas, 33, to have an incredible amount of quality time with their girls.

"It's been tough and then nice. The tough part would be more that they're not getting to see their friends as much, and the social aspect is a little weird, but having the time being home and spending as a family has been great," she explains. "Kevin's been home and we got to soak in all that time, still soaking it in, so that part has been really great. I've been learning to have more patience through this whole thing, being more patient with each other and especially with the kids."

She says the couple, who wed in 2009, have to work a little harder now to get some alone time, but they have been taking advantage of the quiet nights at home.

"When we were able to be outside, we would put the girls to sleep and then we would go outside," she says. "We have a little fire pit and we would sit there and have a glass of wine or do a little S'mores or something. We always seem to find some time, but it does mean that we're waiting for them to sleep at night."

Kevin Jonas Shares Heartfelt Tribute to His Wife Danielle on Their 11th Wedding Anniversary

Jonas is extremely close with her family, and reveals having a bubble with older sister Dina Deleasa-Gonsar and her family has made the experience much easier.

"Our family dynamic didn't change too much because we are always together," she explains. "We have fun with each other and we want to be together. We are more together now and we always have Sunday dinners together."

Having a professional chef as a sister means Jonas has been using her as a resource to develop her cooking skills.

"Well she probably wants to chuck her phone out the window because I FaceTime her constantly like, 'What can I make with this?' " she says with a laugh. "We grew up on a lot of Italian food, so that's kind of what I've learned to make. Then she ventured out with all this crazy stuff, so now I'm going to her and being like, 'Teach me please!' "

"I was kind of like her phone-a-friend, and we were cooking together every night and just getting comfortable with different swap outs," Deleasa-Gonsar says about helping out her younger sister. "The flavors are kind of second nature to me, so I was able to pass that onto her. And it's fun. And you see what your family likes and dislikes and your go-to's become new, and then you have new food habits."

One thing helping the pair add a nutritious spin to their dishes is Hood Cottage Cheese, which both sisters have been incorporating into new recipes for their families.

"We love using the blueberry flavor in either pancakes or waffles and it folds right into the batter. It's something that not only Danielle and I like to eat, but our kids will go for it as well," Dina explains. "It also adds protein, so it's a great way to start off your day with the kids. And we're both busy moms, so having ingredients that kind of pull double duty for us are key because half the time we don't have time to feed ourselves, which is frustrating."

"Even dipping the vegetables in the cottage cheese. It just makes it easy and healthy," adds Danielle.

Kevin Jonas Says Steamy New Jonas Brothers Song 'Might Create More Children'

When she isn't trying out new ideas with her family in the kitchen, Jonas says they are staying in touch with Kevin's family virtually.

"We do movie nights with Nick, Pri, Sophie, Joe, where we all get on Zoom and we go to the same movie and start at the same time," she admits. "People are talking through the movie and it's just fun! I actually really look forward to it and hope that we never stop doing it, even when quarantine isn't around, just because we get to see each other that much."

"We do prank phone calls with Joe and Sophie and we just find things to do to just to stay in touch and see each other's faces because of course we miss each other," she adds.

Alena and Valentina were excited to receive the news about their new cousin when Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner welcomed their first child, daughter Willa, last July. Jonas says they're looking forward to the day they can meet her in person.

"They are over the moon about her. Everything is 'I'm going to make this picture for Willa. Can you send it to her?' And we'll be looking on the computer for swimsuits and they'll be like, 'Willa needs one and maybe we need to get her one for Easter,' " she says. "Everything always comes back to Willa and their cousin. They can't wait to meet her, they think she's adorable. We FaceTime a lot!"

As for more kids for her and Kevin, she says they're waiting until life returns to normal.

"We are always kind of talking about it, but I'm just not sure yet of what to do. Still up in the air," she confesses. "Being locked up inside with two of them, it's been intense. You hear about all these people having babies right now because of quarantine, and it's like, I'm not there yet."

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Jesse Tyler Ferguson Jokes That He's Raising His Son 'Gay Until He Decides He's Straight'

Jesse Tyler Ferguson is having fun being a dad.

While appearing virtually as a guest on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Tuesday, the 45-year-old actor spoke candidly about his first child, son Beckett Mercer, and joked around about how he and his husband Justin Mikita are raising the infant.

"We're still figuring out his personality … It's a new person in your life, and just like anyone new that comes into your life, you've gotta figure out if you like them. It takes a little bit of time," the Modern Family star playfully teased of his eight-month-old son, before getting serious and adding, "He's a really sweet boy and it's been a lot of fun."

Asked by host Ellen DeGeneres if he sings to Beckett, Ferguson confirmed, explaining, "It's a lot of show tunes because that's what I like, so we're raising him gay until he decides he's straight."

"On the way back from the hospital we played Britney Spears … that was his first exposure to music," Ferguson continued.

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Back in July 2020, a representative for Ferguson confirmed exclusively to PEOPLE that the actor and Mikita, 35, welcomed the new addition to their family.

"Jesse and Justin welcomed their little bundle of joy Beckett Mercer Ferguson-Mikita on July 7, 2020," the rep said at the time. "The new parents are overjoyed and excited for this new journey as a family of three."

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Ferguson revealed that he and Mikita were expecting during a January visit to The Late Late Show, telling host James Corden and fellow guest Charlie Hunnam, "This is something I haven't even mentioned to anyone if we could just keep it between the three of us and you all, but I'm actually expecting a baby in July with my husband."

In October of last year, Ferguson also chatted with PEOPLE about his transition to fatherhood.

He and Mikita — who tied the knot in July 2013 — have an organic approach to splitting their parenting duties, an "unspoken thing," Ferguson said. "We can sense when the other one needs a break. It's been a very 50/50 thing. We don't really talk about it too much. It's just been very natural."

The first-time parents aren't opposed to expanding their family in the near future, either. Ferguson said at the time that Beckett might be a big brother soon enough.

"It's never too soon, I guess," the actor shared of thinking ahead to baby No. 2. "It feels like we're in the thick of it right now."

"The idea of starting the process again is a little intimidating. But, you know, if we want to do another one, I'm 45, so tick-tock — we gotta get this going if we're doing another one!" he added.

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Amy Schumer Jokes She Is ‘Doing Really Well’ without Childcare in Messy Kitchen Video

Amy Schumer is still getting used to life without a nanny.

On Monday night, the comedian, 39, shared a hilariously relatable video from her messy kitchen, joking that she and her husband Chris Fischer were "rocking" life as parents without childcare.

"Yeah, actually, like we were worried about not having childcare but we're actually like doing really well — and I think we're a lot more capable of a lot more than we realized we were," Schumer said sarcastically while standing in the middle of a cluttered kitchen as her husband recorded her.

In the video, the couple's kitchen is visibly littered with containers of baby food, dirty dishes, and bottles, as trash overflows on the counter.

RELATED: Amy Schumer Says She's 'Evolved to Having No Child Care' After Nanny Jane Leaves: 'Any Tips?'

"All this helped [us] grow because we don't need it," Schumer added, while Fischer, 41, could be heard laughing behind the camera.

Last month, the I Feel Pretty star first revealed to fans that her nanny Jane, who was quarantining with Schumer and Fischer while caring for their son Gene David, 21 months, had left to focus on her studies.

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"We have evolved to having no child care. 😱 Love to Jane who is focusing on her studies," Schumer wrote on Instagram in a since-deleted post. "Any tips for cutting a toddlers nails? We are strugglin! Also thanks to @evamendes for posting a bunch of great accounts to follow for toddlers check out her page for the list!"

In January 2020, Schumer celebrated her nanny with an Instagram selfie of the pair using matching face masks.

RELATED: Amy Schumer Shows Off 'Cute' C-Section Scar from Birth of Son Gene in Nude Mirror Selfie

"This is our nanny who makes it possible for me to work and know that our baby is happy and healthy. I love her very much and we also both want to have nice skin," she captioned the post at the time.

Prior to that, in October 2019, Schumer opened up to PEOPLE about going back to work after welcoming her first child. 

"It's empowering. It's like you get a piece of yourself back, but it is hard," Schumer said at the time. "I'm just so fortunate, you know? 'Cause a lot of people have it a lot harder."

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The View's Sara Haines Says She'd 'Love' to Have 10 Kids but '3 Is All I Can Handle'

Sara Haines says she would love a bigger family but feels maxed out at the moment.

The View co-host, 43, opened up about being a working mom during a Q&A session on her Instagram Story, explaining why she feels her family is complete with three little ones. Haines shares son Caleb Joseph, 20 months, daughter Sandra Grace, 3, and son Alec Richard, who turns 5 next week, with husband Max Shifrin.

When one follower asked, "More babies for you? Or is three enough LOL," Haines replies: "I would love 10 more!!!! But 3 is all I can handle while being my best version for each of them ❤️❤️❤️"

Haines, who hosts the new game show The Chase, explains what she feels as being the "best" and "worst" parts about being a working mother. "Best part = feeling more energized and confident as a result of my work," she writes. "Worst part = the guilt of time away from them."

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Sara Haines of Welcoming Three Kids Back to Back: 'We Didn't Have the Luxury of Time'

Another follower asked, "How do you balance all the things on your plate?!? You must be superhuman?"

"I'm not…I can promise you that," says Haines. "I have my days where I am unstoppable and so on it. And then the next, I feel overwhelmed. Just doing my best like everyone else."

The mom also affectionately listed her "favorite" things about each of her kids, touting Alec's "heart & empathy," Sandra's "inner light & joy" and Caleb's "fearlessness w/his siblings and his face (it melts me)."

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Kristen Wiig Jokes She'll 'Go Outside and Sit on the Curb' to Sneak a Break from Her Young Twins


Kristen Wiig will admittedly do whatever it takes to get even a brief break from her young twins.

While stopping by The Late Late Show with James Corden on Monday, the actress, 47, and her Barb & Star Go to Vista Del Mar costar Annie Mumolo talked about parenting during the pandemic. Wiig — who welcomed twins with husband Avi Rothman via surrogate — said her two babies are about 15 months old now.

"How is it? Do you ever get a break?" asked Corden, a dad of three.

"Um, I go outside and sit on the curb sometimes," Wiig responded with a laugh. "Because I'm afraid, I don't wanna go on a full walk because then sometimes I feel like, 'Oh, I should be there.' But I need to get out, so I sit on the curb. Or just walk around in the driveway and FaceTime Annie."

"It feels like a vacation when you just go out the door," added Mumolo, who has a 14- and 10-year-old.

"You forget," Wiig joked, "a walk really helps. But then when you're in the house, you're like, 'I can't be saved.' "

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 Kristen Wiig Plans on Doing Her 'Best to Balance' Work and Parenting Twins: 'They Will Come First'

In the end credits of her new comedy Barb & Star, Wiig appears to shout out her new additions in the "special thanks" acknowledgments, with one line in the section seemingly revealing their names as "Luna & Shiloh," though the monikers have not been confirmed.

Wiig recently opened up to PEOPLE about going into quarantine quickly after the arrival of her babies due to the pandemic. She said she has enjoyed the ample quality time with the little ones at home.

"I love that I can be with my family," she said, adding that, uninterrupted bonding time aside, not being able to socialize the twins has been difficult.

"My babies aren't even walking yet," she said. "I want to be home with them, so that has been a positive for me, of course. But also they don't get to see anybody. I have really close friends that haven't seen my kids in a long time."

"And my parents, I haven't seen them in a really long time, so we've been FaceTiming with the babies every day," added Wiig. "They're living in such a bubble, and that I can't have them interact and be social has been a little bit challenging."

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Rosamund Pike Reveals She Once Came Across Drunk Partiers During 'Wholesome' Outing with Her Kids


Rosamund Pike is opening up about a day with her boys out that didn't go according to plan.

On Wednesday evening, the 42-year-old actress appeared virtually as a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, where she opened up about accidentally running into a Bachelorette party during an outing with her sons Solo, 8, and Atom, 6.

"Last summer, I took [my children] on what I have heard is very sort of wholesome and traditional Czech activity to do with kids, which is to go river rafting," Pike, who has been living in Prague, began. "And there's a lovely town called Cesky Krumlov quite near Prague and we went. And it's this beautiful stretch of rivers — and there were rapids and weirs — and I took my two boys out on this inflatable raft."

"But what I underestimated is the fact that it's also a very popular Czech pastime for stag do's … or hen day's," the Gone Girl actress continued, referencing what is more commonly known in the United States as a bachelor or bachelorette party.

Asked by host Jimmy Kimmel if her two kids "loved" the experience, Pike joked, "They loved it, Jimmy."

"We were traveling along and we came across a group of scantily clad girls … a group of women in bikinis, with a very large inflatable man with a huge erection trailing behind them in the boat," she continued to detail. "So my kids were fascinated."

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"And then this man was being lobbed through the air and sent onto the neighboring boat, which was full of, I mean, I promise you, I have never seen drunker human beings than I saw on this boat," Pike added. "Men who stood up and immediately fell flat … and then one who stumbled over the edge [and] got completely sort of drenched in mud and then clambered back into the boat, splattering all the girls with mud."

"I mean, my kids have never stopped sort of acting drunk ever since," she said. "They're emulating it. They thought, this is clearly what adults do. This is our future."

During her chat with Kimmel, 53, the I Care A Lot star also spoke candidly about a project her kids worked on — reviewing various kinds of toothpaste.

"They did [the reviews] because there comes a point in your life where you have to break the news that it's not all about bubblegum and strawberry flavor anymore, right?" Pike asked Kimmel. "There's this awful transition that we all have to make from the sweet world of childhood into the reality of adulthood, which is like menthol and fluoride and stern kind of dental stuff."

"I was a bit late," Pike added. "I think I was supposed to do it around age 6 and I've already got an 8-year-old."

Highlighting a series of the kids' reviews — including that Signal toothpaste is "not spicy, very calm" and Colgate Triple Fresh gives "lovely, spaghetti minty breathe" — Kimmel and Pike laughed together and the pair's candid reviews.

"It's nice isn't it that children … don't necessarily know what an adjective has to be," the mother of two joked.

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