Inside the 'Whimsically Sweet, Dream'-Inspired Nursery for Colton Dixon's Identical Twin Girls

Only the best for Colton Dixon's little ladies!

Five weeks after the American Idol alum, 28, and wife Annie welcomed their identical twin daughters Ava Dior and Athens Elizabeth, the couple are opening up to PEOPLE about the serene, "dream"-inspired nursery they put together for the girls, furnished with items from Pottery Barn Kids.

"We remember walking into the room that would become the nursery and had this thought to 'dream,' " says the couple. "After we spoke with PBK about the nursery, we realized our nursery dreams would be coming true."

"It turned into a whimsically sweet haven for our girls," they add.

As for the room's aesthetic, "We wanted a light and airy space with mostly neutrals and little pops of color. PBK brought our vision to life, and we added in some black and blush to our white room with light wooden cribs."

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Colton Dixon Recalls How He "Prayed" When One of His Twin Daughters Was Born "Without a Pulse"

And alongside a bevy of soft stuffed animals, Dixon and Annie "felt the unicorn rocking chairs ($199) were the perfect finishing touch to the twins' nursery," they add.

The new parents tells PEOPLE their "favorite part about the nursery is the nook with the rocking chair," which is a Bedford chair from PBK ($269 to $959).

"It serves as a place to spend quality time with our girls," they explain. "We placed the acrylic bookshelf behind the chair, making it the perfect place to read to them, sing to them and rock them to sleep."

Although Dior and Athens are currently snoozing in their parents' room, they say the babies have already taken a liking to their eventual sleep space.

"We know they will love all of the details of the room!" the couple tells PEOPLE. "They currently like the mirror behind the changing table. It reflects light and gives them something to look at during monotonous diaper changes."

"We are excited to make many more memories there," they share.

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It's a Girl! Haley & Michaels Welcome Daughter Keira Harmony After 'Really Scary' Birth

Haley & Michaels just went from a duo to a trio.

The country act — comprised of husband and wife Shannon Haley and Ryan Michaels — welcomed their first child together, daughter Keira Harmony Michaels, on Sept. 16 in Nashville, they reveal to PEOPLE exclusively.

Born at 1:17. a.m. after mom Haley's 27-hour labor and delivery, Keira weighed in at 5 lbs., 10 oz.

"It's so surreal," Michaels, 43, tells PEOPLE. "I keep looking down at her in disbelief like is she a real thing or is this a dream? We're in that dreamlike state with her. I could sit here and drink coffee and hold her for the next 30 years."

The couple originally expected their baby girl to arrive in early October, but Haley, 34, had to be induced at 38 weeks due to her low amniotic fluid levels and the baby's small size.

"It looked like it was starting to get safer for her to be outside of the womb than inside it," Haley explains. "That end period of time was really scary, because we just didn't know what was going on. It's like one minute we're going in for the ultrasound, and the next minute they're like, 'Hey, make sure your bags are packed because I think you're going to get a call, and it's probably today that you go in.' "

She adds, "Luckily that part was a very short amount of time with regards to the whole pregnancy, which, overall, was a really great experience."

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As soon as they got the call to go in to the hospital, Haley says she told Michaels, "We're having a baby today."

"It actually ended up being two days later, because we went in really late on Monday night and didn't deliver until early Wednesday," she says. "But I was so excited to meet her. I really tried to lean into the excitement instead of the fear. That, I felt, was productive because there was nothing I could do. I put all of my energy into thinking about getting to see her face for the first time."

When Keira finally arrived, the couple — who married in 2015 — couldn't have been more excited to hold her for the first time.

"It was the most amazing experience of my whole life," Haley says. "They put her skin to skin on my chest right after she was born, and it was like my heart completely opened up to a new level that I didn't know was possible. It was just incredible. Her eyes were wide open, and she was so incredibly alert. She was staring right at us, which I didn't expect, so that was really powerful."

Michaels says the whole experience was totally different than anything he'd ever seen in the movies.

"In the movies, they portray it like it's super melodramatic — and I'm sure for a lot of people, it is — but I had no experience with this," he says. "I hadn't really held a baby before. When she came out, she was very calm and so of course I'm like, 'It's all the meditating that we did during the pregnancy!' "

"She was super chill," he adds. "She was like a little Buddha. So I was tripping about that, but then also, we had done a lot of research on connections. I really wanted to make eye contact with her because that's something that we've heard is really helpful. Shannon and I basically just surrounded her with our faces, and she could see that she was loved and supported."

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Due to Keira's early arrival, Haley admits they're still a bit in that "frantic new parent mode."

"The sleep deprivation is real," she says. "She's an awesome baby, but she does not love to be laid down on her own. So we actually have not both been asleep at the same time since we brought her home. We've been up, passing her off every hour and a half during the night. We are both sharing sleep duty, big time."

"We have a hard time setting her down," Michaels adds. "Other than the fact that she doesn't really want to sleep, I don't think either of us really wants to put her down. We almost have to say, 'Okay, why don't you take a nap and let me hold her?' "

Michaels also got a speed course in diaper changing.

"Ryan had never changed a diaper before and until she was born, he was pretty convinced that he wasn't going to do it," Haley says. "But now he gets really excited every time that she has a dirty diaper, like, 'Yay, I get to do it.' So that's nice."

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Haley and Michaels decided on the first name Keira because of their love of the U.K.

"Keira is a name that we've always loved," Michaels says. "We decided to go with the U.K. spelling of the name because we've had so much support and so many wonderful experiences with new friends and fans over there. We wanted to tip our hat across the pond."

They chose the middle name Harmony because of its double meaning.

"We wanted something musical, but we also love the double meaning, especially today with the world being what it is," Haley says. "We wanted to bring harmony into the world. Also, we first connected over our voices blending together, and the harmony between our voices, so we wanted to pass that sentiment down to her."

Keira even has her first percussion credit on a song already, since her parents included the sound of her heart beat, which Haley recorded on her iPhone during an ultrasound appointment, on the breakdown of the chorus of their new song "Born Yesterday."

"On the way over to my appointment, Ryan was like, 'Hey, do me a favor, record the heartbeat because I have this idea,' " Haley recalls. "I was like, 'I know what you're thinking.' It was so fun. I told my OB, 'You're going to get an engineering credit on this … can I record the heartbeat?' "

When they turned in all of their forms for the song to Sony, Michaels says they snuck in Keira's name in the credits.

"We were listing all the musicians, and we just snuck it in," he says. "It was funny because we had kept her name a total secret. We are friends with the people that we work with, but we just slid it into the bottom, under the drummer, like additional percussion."

Haley and Michaels first came up with the idea for "Born Yesterday" ahead of their baby girl's arrival.

"I had the idea for 'Born Yesterday' from the double meaning of it with the literal sense of being born yesterday and wanting her to stay little forever," Haley says. "I wish you could stay born yesterday, just in terms of the world and what you have to figure out through hardships. We wanted to write that message to her, but also that she's her own person and that she's strong and she'll figure things out herself. We're always there to help guide her. That's the sentiment that we wanted to put into the song."

Michaels says they always love writing songs that are "personal," like "Giving It All (To You)," which they wrote about their wedding vows.

"We like being vulnerable and honest with the listeners," he says. "I think the songs that inspired us to make music did that for us. We're both lead singers, and we have conversations in songs. In this case, having both parents represented, I think adds a special layer for us and the lyrics couldn't be more autobiographical."

In the week since Keira Harmony's birth, Haley and Michaels say they've already felt a surge of inspiration.

"I can already feel my emotions being really raw, and I feel very vulnerable," Haley says. "I think that it's a really amazing time to take advantage of feeling things so deeply. I really hope to write music while I'm in that state. I think it would be incredible to see what comes out."

Though they're both focused on the present, they're also looking forward to the future.

"My favorite thing, which I'm sure will go on forever, is just watching her experience things for the first time ever in her life," Haley says. "We showed her a tree the other day, and she looked at it like it was the most amazing thing in the world. Who knows if she actually knew what was happening, but it's so fun to think every single thing is the first time that she's ever doing it. So for me, I'm just eating that up. I think I'll feel that way forever."

Michaels adds: "I'm looking forward to being her date to the prom."

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Jennifer Lopez's Daughter Emme Opens Up About New Kids' Book and Performing at the Super Bowl

Emme Muñiz — Jennifer Lopez and ex Marc Anthony's 12-year-old daughter — is stepping (back) into the spotlight.

In February, Emme floored football fans when she shared the stage with her mom at the Super Bowl. And now she's preparing for a whole new audience: kids across the world.

In an exclusive interview with PEOPLE, Emme talks about her upcoming children's book, Lord Help Me, and explains what gave her the confidence to sing in front of millions of people.

"I just don’t overthink it," she says of singing with Lopez. "I get up there and do it."

Emme also wasn't daunted by the idea of creating a picture book. Instead, she was excited to share the power of prayer with the world.

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Jennifer Lopez Says Daughter Emme Wasn't Nervous for Super Bowl Cameo: 'She Has the Performance Gene'

She says she's been passionate about praying since she was 5 years old and often prays before bed, either by herself or with her nanny, Jessica Morrison.

Lord Help Me, which will be published by Crown Books for Young Readers on Sept. 29, shows how prayer helps Emme navigate challenges both "big and small," she says. 

"I really hope children are able to learn to pray, share the book and spread the power of prayer after reading it," says Emme, who says she had fun coming up with one-liners for the book with her nanny.

From struggling to get up in time to the joys and challenges of living with her twin brother Max, Emme often turns to prayer to get through the day.

"Max and I have a special relationship," Emme says of her favorite part of having a twin brother. "Since we were very little, I could always understand him when no one else could."

Jennifer Lopez's Daughter Emme, 12, Writes Children's Book About Sloths — and the Power of Prayer

In Emme's book, she also writes about her love of animals. Sloths are one of her favorite types of animals and it's her dream to save them — and the planet!

"I want to donate to organizations that build sloth sanctuaries," says Emme about how she hopes to help save sloths, several species of which are currently endangered.

Emme's parents and brother are very supportive, both of her book and her plan to help save the world. "They are all really proud of me," she says.

For more from Jennifer Lopez's daughter Emme, pick up the latest issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands Friday.

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Maren Morris Says Son, 5 Months, 'Can Stay Up a Little Late to Watch Mom' Perform at ACM Awards Morris/Instagram Morris/Instagram Morris/Instagram

Maren Morris is getting ready to take the stage once again — with a new fan in the audience!

The country singer is set to perform "To Hell & Back" from her album GIRL, from the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, Tennessee, as part of the 2020 ACM Awards on Wednesday night. And she hopes her 5-month-old son, Hayes Andrew, will be able to witness his mom in action.

"I don't know what time in the show I am, but he can stay up a little late to watch Mom," Morris, 30, told Taste of Country Nights — despite the fact that "I don't think it's quite registered [to him] that the people in the TV are real."

The mother of one also discussed her relationship with the wife of Busbee, a producer on GIRL who died last December at the age of 43 after a battle with brain cancer. (The couple have three children.)

"Me being a new mother, she's just been so supportive of me, and I just love that I'll forever have a friend in her," Morris told the outlet of Busbee's wife Jessie, adding that they "text all the time."

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12 Must-See Throwback Photos of This Year's ACM Award Nominees on Red Carpets from Years Past

Aside from Morris, the ACM Awards will also feature performances from Old Dominion, Luke Combs, Miranda Lambert, Carrie Underwood, Tim McGraw, Luke Bryan, Kelsea Ballerini, Eric Church, Dan + Shay, Kane Brown and Florida Georgia Line.

Morgan Wallen, Mickey Guyton, Gabby Barrett and the ACM new male and female artists of the year Riley Green and Tenille Townes will also perform.

Over the weekend, Taylor Swift and Pink were also added to the lineup. Swift, 30, will debut "betty," her first performance of any folklore track, while Pink, 41, will join host Keith Urban for their collaboration "One Too Many."

Morris leads the pack of ACM Awards nominations alongside Thomas Rhett and producer Dann Huff, who stand in the lead for most nods with five each. The "Middle" singer is up for female artist of the year, group of the year (as a member of The Highwomen) and musical event of the year. She's also nominated twice in the album of the year category, for performing and producing her album.

The 2020 Academy of Country Music Awards will air from Nashville, Tennessee, Wednesday from 8 to 11 p.m. ET on CBS. The show will also be available to stream live and on-demand across digital platforms on the CBS All Access subscription service.

Join our correspondent Jeremy Parsons from 7 to 8 p.m. for PeopleTV Red Carpet Live: 55th Academy of Country Music Awards, featuring interviews with nominees and performers backstage from the famous Grand Ole Opry, as well as an interview with host Urban.

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Mask On! City of Inglewood Creates New Coronavirus PSA Inspired by Future's Hit Song

One California city is putting a spin on Future's "Mask Off" in hopes of encouraging its residents to take precaution against the novel coronavirus.

This week, the city of Inglewood dropped "Mask On," a COVID-19 PSA set to a cover of the 36-year-old rapper's 2017 smash hit.

Urging people to wear protective face coverings amid the ongoing pandemic, the newly revamped lyrics include: "Mask on / We keep that mask on / When in public, yo we keep that mask on."

"2020, the year that we advance / But the coronavirus threw a wrench up in them plans / Had to adjust, and make it interesting / Gimme six feet, that's social distancing," the lyrics read. "Wash your hands, protect your fam / And we'll be back soon as we can."

The 86-second video also feature shout-outs to beloved local establishments such as Fiesta Martin Mexican Grill and Woody's Bar-B-Que, as well as Los Angeles sports teams the Chargers and the Rams — which are based out of the SoFi Stadium in Inglewood.

The PSA comes in the wake of rising numbers of coronavirus cases within the state of California.

As of Tuesday, there have been at least 241,374 confirmed cases of coronavirus in Los Angeles County and 5,918 deaths from coronavirus-related illnesses, according to data from the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health's COVID-19 dashboard. Out of that total, Inglewood has reported at least 2,765 coronavirus cases and 89 deaths.

Dr. Robert Redfield, Director of the Centers for Disease Control, previously said that the use of face masks could significantly slow the spread of COVID-19. Several recent studies also confirmed that face coverings are effective in stopping the spread of COVID-19, as the novel coronavirus primarily spreads through respiratory droplets from the nose and mouth.

Inglewood's latest video about masks isn't the only PSA to tap into pop culture as a way to spread the message about the importance of protective face coverings.

Recently, the state of New York released a video starring Paul Rudd that pokes fun at 51-year-old actor's youthful looks and implores millennials to wear protective face coverings amid the pandemic.

"Yo, what up, dogs. Paul Rudd here, actor and certified young person," the Ant-Man star begins. "I was talking on the iPhone with my homie, Governor Cuomo, and he's just going off about how us millennials need to wear masks because, get this, apparently a lot of COVID is transmitted by us millennials."

Wearing a yellow sweatsuit and flat bill cap with headphones around his neck, Rudd states that masks are "totally beast" before urging viewers to wear their masks so that they can continue to "go to bars, drink, hook up and do our Tik Toks."

"Caring about other people is the new not caring about other people," he in the PSA.

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Christina Aguilera Gets ‘Cozy’ with Her Kids to Watch New Mulan: ‘A Beautiful Thing to Share’

Christina Aguilera had a Mulan movie night with her kids, popcorn and all!

As the new live-action remake debuted on Disney+ on Friday, the singer, 39, tweeted her experience watching the film for the first time alongside her two children, son Max Liron, 12, and daughter Summer Rain, 5.

"My kids know about #Mulan, but they haven’t seen the live action version yet. They’ve heard the music, they saw me recording it in the studio — so it’s a beautiful thing to share that with my children now," she wrote.

For the original 1998 animated Mulan, Aguilera sang the hit "Reflection," which she reimagined for the 2020 version, as well as recorded a new end-credits track titled "Loyal Brave True."

After prepping the popcorn — as well as candies like Red Hots, Sour Patch Kids, Raisinets and Hot Tamales, which the mom revealed were her kids' go-to movie treats — Aguilera began live-tweeting the viewing experience.

"Cozy blanket to snuggle up with kids?…✅ popcorn, kids snacks ✅ dim room, candles lit mood ✅ happy to be nowhere else in the world 😍 ✅," she wrote of her ideal at-home movie night checklist.

From the start of the film, Aguilera was hooked: "You guys, I’m like 1 minute in and even baby #Mulan is a badass."

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Aguilera tweeted that she is "honored to be a part" of Mulan, which was directed by Niki Caro and stars Yifei Liu as the titular heroine. "This movie is filled with such incredible female fire energy given both the star of the film and director are inspiring, strong women!! Evoking such presence and power," wrote the Grammy winner.

"@yifei_cc was just as flawlessly beautiful in person, as she is on screen. And working with #NikiCaro, the director of the film, was a joy, as she exuded a tender warmth and vision through the videos we shot together for LBT and Reflection," Aguilera wrote, sharing photos from the red carpet premiere of Mulan in March, before the film's theatrical release was delayed due to the pandemic.

Aguilera said the scene early in the film in which Mulan is glammed up with makeup to meet the matchmaker against her choosing is a favorite of hers — with newfound meaning since becoming a mother.

"Now as a mom seeing this, it’s funny. Reminds me of my daughter – how she resists me at all costs to fuss with her hair or wear any type of dress!" she tweeted. "But gives me a deeper sense of appreciation and acceptance for who she is and the unique, special person she feels comfortable to be."

Aguilera said she sees herself in the character of Mulan "in the sense that I’ve always been a Fighter – for and defending truth and meaning … even in the face of fear, self doubt and backlash."

Wrapping up the movie screening, Aguilera hummed a tune from the film in a brief clip and wrote: "That was so much fun. Thank you Disney for always being a special family to me. X"

The mom of two also revealed which Disney films are household favorites among her family: "Summer’s favorite movies right now are the Toy Story series. We particularly love to cozy up and watch old Disney classic cartoons — there’s one about 'Bongo the Circus Bear'… it’s on Disney+!"

Aguilera also answered a fan question about making the new music for Mulan, opening up about the emotional recording process.

"Recording the new Reflection was actually very emotional for me. I teared up many times (had to swallow the emotion because I’m not an accurate singer while crying)," she explained. "I realized & appreciated how much has changed from the original place & time I recorded this song."

"Back then, I was so nervous & young," continued Aguilera. "I wanted so badly to please & be heard, unsure of any future in the business. Now 20+ years of hard work later, I felt blessed & humbled to see my Grammys in view while recording in my own home studio. At my own pace & on my own terms."

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Bump Up the Jam! These Celebs Showed Off Their Baby Bumps in Music Videos

Moms really can do it all.

On Thursday, a pregnant Nicki Minaj posted a video on Instagram where she is seen effortlessly rapping along to her latest single, "Move Ya Hips," her just-released collaboration with A$AP Ferg and MadeinTYO. Minaj announced on July 20 that she and husband Kenneth Petty are expecting their first child together, alongside a set of glam snapshots baring her baby bump.

Because celebrity moms are no strangers to putting in work while — no big deal — nurturing and growing another human life, here are nine other singers and performers who gave multi-tasking a new meaning and showed off their baby bumps while showing off their skills.

Katy Perry

The singer revealed that she is expecting her first child with fiancé Orlando Bloom when she debuted her growing baby bump in the music video for her song "Never Worn White."

Carrie Underwood

In 2018 the country music singer revealed her baby bump in the music video for "Love Wins," showing it off in a flowing orange dress while singing in an open field. The star had just announced that she was expecting her second child with husband Mike Fisher.


The singer, who was expecting her daughter Willow at the time, cradled her baby bump in the music video for "Perfect," which made the already emotional song even more heartfelt.


We love a supportive big sister! Beyoncé made sure to include her sister Solange, then pregnant with son Julez, in the music video for "Soldier," when the group sang the lyric "known to carry big things if ya know what I mean."


After revealing that she was pregnant while performing at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards, Beyoncé included her bump in the music video for "Countdown," pointing to her stomach while singing "I'm tryna make us three from that two." The singer gave birth to her first child with husband Jay-Z, baby girl Blue Ivy Carter, on Jan. 7, 2012.

Cardi B

The rapper revealed that she was expecting her first child with her husband, Migos rapper Offset, while performing live on Saturday Night Live in 2018. The couple welcomed their daughter, Kulture Kiari in July of that year.

Jessie James Decker

The country music star released the video for her song “Flip My Hair” in January 2018, in which she performed an impressive dance routine – while six months pregnant with her third child!

Natalie Portman

In 2017, a very pregnant Natalie Portman starred in the music video for James Blake's "My Willing Heart." And when we say "very pregnant," we mean literally days away from giving birth to her daughter Amalia.

Teyana Taylor

Teyana Taylor revealed the happy news that she is expecting her second child with a music video for her song "Wake Up Love." In the closing scene of the video, Taylor shares a kiss in bed with her 4-year-old daughter Iman Tayla (a.k.a. Junie) and NBA pro husband, Iman Shumpert, before pulling down her blanket and lifting up her shirt to reveal her baby bump for the first time.

One thing's for sure: These famous kiddos will have some pretty cool stories to tell!

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Iggy Azalea Reveals Her Baby Boy's Name in Sweet Mother-and-Son Audio Recording

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Azalea is currently dating fellow rapper Playboi Carti, whom she met in 2018 while she was touring overseas.

The couple moved in together three months after going public with their romance, with Carti, 23, confirming the big step in their relationship in a summer 2019 interview with Fader.

"Once I started talking to her, I just cut off everybody. It was over with," he shared with the outlet, explaining how he and Azalea had moved to Atlanta from Los Angeles together. "I support everything she does."

Things seemed to heat up for the couple last July when the "Fancy" rapper stepped out flaunting a massive diamond ring on her left hand. Fans instantly started speculating that the pair were engaged, though the pair have yet to address it themselves.

Azalea and Carti were the target of a robbery in November, when they reported to authorities that $366,000 worth of jewelry was stolen from their suburban Atlanta rental home, according to an incident report obtained by PEOPLE.

The stolen items included a $39,000 gold link Cuban chain, $70,000 worth of diamond eternity band rings, a $10,000 rose gold Cartier bracelet and a $57,000 Audemars Piguet gold diamond-encrusted watch.

But perhaps the most interesting of all was the $35,000 diamond ring that was taken from the residence — again suggesting that Carti had popped the question to Azalea.

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Calvin Harris Says His Heart Stopped in 2014: 'Interesting Year for Me'

Calvin Harris needed lifesaving help in 2014 after his heart stopped.

The DJ and singer revealed on Twitter that he had to have his heart “restarted” in the emergency room.

Harris retweeted a video on Tuesday night from his June 2014 performance at the Electric Daisy Festival, and added that it was an “interesting year.”

“Started with me knocking myself off number 1 in the UK and ended with my heart getting restarted in the ER…this sort of stuff happened in between,” he said.

Harris had hinted at his condition that year, but hadn’t previously said that his heart had stopped. Rather, the “Slide” singer said that he had “some heart problems” that needed to “be fixed” and were the reason why he canceled several shows.

He later clarified that he had an arrythmia, a heart condition that causes an irregular heartbeat and can lead to chest pain, fainting and dizziness.

That pushed him to give up drinking, he said on Twitter in 2018.

“Haven't drank in 4 years big man,” Harris told a fan who asked why he was abstaining from alcohol. "Aye things are a bit less fun but haven't had an arrhythmia since 2014.”

But Harris said he’s happy with the decision.

“The last thing I want to do is down 2 bottles of jack daniels a night, live on greggs pasties and sleep on an absolutely stinking bus all year, scream down a mic for 55 minutes and pretend to play a keyboard 5x a week those days are behind me son,” he added to the fan.

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Pink Calls Coronavirus Battle with Son Jameson 'Most Physically and Emotionally Challenging Experience'

Pink is opening up about her experience battling the coronavirus alongside her 3-year-old son, Jameson.

Ahead of the Mother’s Day holiday on Sunday, the singer, 40, wrote an essay for NBC News reflecting on the current coronavirus pandemic and what it means for mothers around the world.

“Mother’s Day is this weekend and I have been reflecting on the wonderful, yet challenging gift of time that life in COVID-19 quarantine has meant for me and my children,” she begins in the essay. “To be a mom, a teacher, a cook, a confidant, and a badass dream chaser all at once is no small feat. Mamas everywhere, you are doing amazing.”

The mom of two also details how parents are currently “defining a new normal” for their children, adding that “the virus knows no boundaries” and parts of the world may be just beginning to feel its effects.

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Pink, who revealed in early April that she and her son battled the coronavirus, also reflects her own experience with the respiratory illness in her essay.

“Battling COVID-19 along with my 3-year-old son was the most physically and emotionally challenging experience I have gone through as a mother,” Pink writes. “Weeks after receiving our test results, my son was still ill and feverish. It was a terrifying time, not knowing what might come next.”

The star adds, “But our story is not unique; there are mothers all over America, and the world, that are facing this same uncertainty every single day. Not every family, especially those living on reservations, or in refugee camps, slums, or favelas, are able to practice social distancing. In many parts of the world it can take hours just to access water, and even then, soap may be an impossible luxury.”

Shortly after revealing her and Jameson’s diagnosis on Instagram, Pink said that although they were both feeling better, the young toddler “had the worst of it.”

“Jameson has been really, really sick,” she said during an Instagram Live chat with her friend and author Jen Pastiloff on April 4. “I’ve kept a journal of his symptoms for the past three weeks and mine as well. He still, three weeks later, has a 100 temperature. It’s been a rollercoaster for both of us, but Carey and Willow have been perfectly fine.”

In her essay, published on Saturday, the “Beautiful Trauma” singer also urges fans to “put ourselves in the shoes of moms around the globe and consider doing what we can to help keep their babies safe.”

“How can we partake in ensuring their access to the basic human rights that so many of us are afforded each and every day?” she asks.

As information about the coronavirus pandemic rapidly changes, PEOPLE is committed to providing the most recent data in our coverage. Some of the information in this story may have changed after publication. For the latest on COVID-19, readers are encouraged to use online resources from CDC, WHO, and local public health departments. PEOPLE has partnered with GoFundMe to raise money for the COVID-19 Relief Fund, a fundraiser to support everything from frontline responders to families in need, as well as organizations helping communities. For more information or to donate, click here.

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