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What weakens the mental power, already in the middle ages

High blood pressure, Diabetes and Smoking: a new study in the journal "Neurology" according to the main risk factors that can lead to a sharp decline in thinking skills in middle age. At the same time, researchers from California observed that some of the other risk factor had a surprisingly, in this age, hardly.

The study is 2,675 people attended, with an average age of 50 years, who had no dementia. All of them had one or more cardiovascular risk factors, such as Obesity, high blood pressure, Diabetes, or elevated cholesterol. Many of them were smokers. Thinking and memory tests at the beginning of the study and five years later, showed that five percent of the participants in an accelerated decline in Thinking and memory performed services.

Depending on the risk factors, difference in the proportion of Affected: 7.5 percent of the patients with high blood pressure, a weaker mental performance &ndash showed; without high blood pressure it was only 4.3 percent. Among diabetic patients was 10.3 percent, compared with 4.7 per cent of the people without Diabetes. 7.7 percent of the smokers sections in the Tests was significantly worse than previously, in contrast to 4.3 percent of those who have never smoked. "Surprisingly, it had, obese people and people with a high cholesterol level is no higher risk for a rapid decline in the Denkfähigkeit"Kristine Yaffe of the University of California in San Francisco said.

Taking into account the age, education level and other factors, the researchers noted the bottom line is that smokers had a 65 percent higher likelihood of an accelerated decline in their mental abilities, people with high blood pressure to 87 percent more likely, and people with Diabetes, almost three times as often. One or two of the risk factors occurred at the same time, doubling the probability, that the mental skills wane in comparison to people without risk factors. In the case of persons with three or more risk factors, the probability was even almost three times as high.

Yaffe considers it useful, people in middle age, more the fact that Smoking, high blood pressure and Diabetes, have already in this age, and even within five years, a negative impact on the mental abilities.


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