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Spahn warns of second wave of Infection: Need to watch out for that ball, man is not the second Ischgl

Federal Minister of health, Jens Spahn (CDU) has expressed concern over the parties of German tourists on the Spanish holiday island of Mallorca. “We have to be very careful not to, that the ball man is a second Ischgl,” said Spahn on Monday in Berlin. The pictures from the weekend had him worried. The Austrian ski resort of Ischgl had been in March, a Hotspot for Corona-infections in the whole of Europe.


Mallorca after the quarantine: An island wakes up

It is important to observe the rules, so to keep distance, which comply with the hygiene measures and wear everyday masks. “Where each other is celebrated, is the risk of infection is particularly high,” said Spahn. If the vacationers anträten then the return trip was on the plane and home a risk of infection. This it was, together, “especially in travel and avoid holiday periods”.

At the weekend, pictures from Mallorca Party had provided strongholds for the headlines, the hundreds will also show German tourists in the celebrations. Hardly one of them was wearing a mask or holding on to distance rules. “I’m really not a spoilsport or a Killjoy, though, or celebration of the transgressor – but it is not the time for this,” commented Spahn.

Spahn warns of second wave: “Should remain vigilant”

In view of the comparatively low Corona Infection in Germany Spahn warned, the location to appreciate. “We should not feel a false sense of security,” said the Federal Minister of health. Local and regional Corona-outbreaks in Germany have shown again and again how easily the Virus, under certain conditions, could spread.

“The pandemic is not over, we are still in the midst of the pandemic,” said Spahn. Worldwide, the Figures were as high as never before. “The danger of a second wave is real. We should remain vigilant and should not be cocky,” he said at the press conference of the President of the Robert Koch-Institute, Lothar Wieler, took part. At the same time Spahn stressed that it should not be automatically expected a second wave in the autumn or Winter.

“We have better learned to live with the Virus, and we also know more about this Virus.” In the past week alone, approximately 500,000 people had been tested for the Virus, and 175,000 more than four weeks ago. According to Wieler 1.1 million people can be tested in Germany at the moment per week in Corona.

Balearic Islands

"Chaotic Zustände" at the airport, and Party-tourists: slipping away from Mallorca, the corona crisis?

Spahn wants to strengthen the EU more

Spahn wants to work also in the presidency of the Council for more independence of the EU in the supply of medicines and protective equipment. “It should not start in China, whether we will have enough protective masks and medicines,” he said. “In this crisis, we Europeans have to learn again that we need to stand together to ward off danger”.

It had shown, “that we must be sovereign in order to protect us”. In addition, Spahn wants to strengthen in the framework of the presidency of the Council of the EU Disease control Agency (ECDC). The Minister also announced that he wanted to strengthen the role of Europe in the world health organization (WHO). The announced withdrawal of the United States was a “major setback” for the organization. It was also important in the Organisation of the necessary processes of reform forward.

In the framework of the German EU presidency, an informal meeting of EU health Ministers will take place on Thursday, which will be held as a video conference.

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