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Minimum distance of a Meter reduces the risk of infection significantly

One of the world health organization-funded study shows that A distance of at least one Meter reduces the number of infections with the Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 – even better is two meters. Face masks and eye protection, also help, but their Use was only for low-security documents.

Researchers from Canada and Lebanon have in "The Lancet" published a study in which they compared the effect of protective measures against respiratory infections Covid-19, SARS, and MERS from 172 observational studies in 16 countries. They came to the conclusion that the Transmission of the viruses was on average 10.2 per cent less, if the people were a distance of a Meter or more. The protection increased with the distance. The Wearing of face masks and eye protection reduced the risk of infection also, however, the data were less clear.

The researchers found that even when used properly, no action, with a complete protection against infection was associated with: "In addition to the physical distancing and the use of face masks and eye protection for more basic measures such as hand hygiene are still required."

Simon Clarke, associate Professor of Cellular Microbiology at the University of Reading, advises, therefore, to distance themselves socially: "The protective covers for the eyes or face are an additional protection. A closed door is the most effective measure to protect against Covid-19."


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