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Metabolism reacts differently to meals

Healthy adults, and even the twins react differently to the same meals. The show first outcomes of the major diet study, PREDICT-1, the British researchers in the journal "Nature Medicine" published have. They conclude that tailored strategies could be better as a General diet recommendations appropriate to reduce the body weight.

The researchers conclude from the results of the PREDICT study, that everyone is in his food response is unique and there is no "richtige" Way to eat Identical meals were consumed by healthy adults on different days, resulted in the study participants to very different metabolic reactions, even in the case of identical twins. In contrast, the same food led individually to a remarkably uniform results.

A number of factors influenced the metabolic reactions, including intestinal microbes, blood sugar, fat and insulin levels, exercise and sleep. The optimum time to Eat was individual: Some people metabolisers of food at Breakfast is significantly better, while in others no difference was observed.

Low Fat or Low Carb? It depends on the metabolism

The optimum composition of the meals in terms of fat, carbohydrates, proteins, and fiber was also very variable: The nutrient proportions stated less than 25 percent of reactions to food. Therefore, the scientists diets based conditions on solid Nutrient, such as Low Carb or Low Fat for too easy. For example, someone who is sensitive to sugar should not reduce may carbs, whereas this would not be for other people.


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