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Long and light colored clothing protects you from ticks

In warm weather, ticks are active and waiting in nature to a blood meal. They are not covered by trees, as many erroneously believe, but from the look of the Grass and undergrowth to a host, including humans. Infectious ticks can transmit diseases, it makes sense to protect yourself from bites.

Tick bites by long clothing. Especially suitable bright clothing, because ticks are easy to discover. Repellents will keep ticks and other stinging insects away from your body, can additionally be applied. You can, however, provide no reliable protection. Who was in the nature of on-the-go, should change clothes and, especially in the knees, the groin, the inside of the Elbows and on the scalp are on the lookout for ticks. Measures can be found in spite of all precautions a tick on your body, so you can be with a pair of tweezers, forceps or a tick card removes ticks. It should grab the tick at the Stechapparat and your abdomen do not squeeze it, so that no pathogens from the tick to be pressed in the human bloodstream.

Lyme disease and TBE by ticks

Of ticks before the two diseases can also be transferred to The Lyme disease and tick-borne encephalitis (TBE). In the case of Lyme disease, a wall redness occurs with the engraving around often, a circular, sharply demarcated redness, spreading ring-shaped. More fatigue, head and muscle pain as well as fever may occur. Later on, nerve pain and joint inflammation can be added. The infection can be treated with antibiotics, which should be done soon after the bite. About 30 percent of ticks are Carriers of this disease.

Against TBE is vaccination. This is especially useful if you live in high-risk areas, such as Bavaria and Baden-Wuerttemberg or vacation want to make. Also people who have professionally a lot to do in the woods or go hunting, should be vaccinated, because the virus disease can cause severe inflammation of the nerves and meninges forth.


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