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First aid: What to do in case of sport injuries

It comes with the Sport or trek to a violation, it is provided at best according to the so-called LUCK rule: P stands for Pause, E for ice, C comes from the English expression "Compression" for compression and H for high camps.

"A quick first aid can the healing process beschleunigen", Thomas Benkert, Vice-President of the Federal chamber of pharmacists says. "Injuries you can’t plan. When Hiking holiday or other sports activities, you should therefore have the appropriate tool even on the go."

P to Pause: In the case of a breach of the activity is immediately interrupted. The skin is injured, it is supplied with a disinfectant and sterile dressings.

E for ice: The injured area should immediately be cooled, for example, with a cold compress or a cold pack from the pharmacy. "A cool compress, please place it on the bare skin. Because after the Removal of the cooling, the bleeding would increase significantly, and the pain stronger. It is better, between the cold compress and the skin, a thin cloth to legen", advises Benkert. Chilled should be over a period of two to three hours. In this time, the cooling should be interrupted regularly so that the muscles can be re-perfused.

C is for Compression: So that the injured area is not to strong swells, a compression bandage will be created. As the swelling increases in the first hours, should be controlled by the tension of the Compression bandage regularly and adjusted.

H for high camps: The injured part of the body, for example the foot, is the best high stored. It is important that, for example, the leg above the heart level is stored, as this facilitates the blood drain the blood.

"A sports injury does not improve within three days, or the function of the joint is restricted, should wenden&quot patients necessarily have to be a doctor;, says Benkert. In the case of sports injuries pain can be applied to the still-active substances such as, for example, Ibuprofen as a Gel or ointment locally. It is important to ensure a sufficient dosage: A three-to five-centimeter-long ribbon of Ointment two to three times a day on intact skin is applied and massaged in. Alternatively, the pain can be used as a tablet taken by mouth. In addition to the synthetic ingredients, even herbal supplements can help with sports injuries, for example, from comfrey or Arnica.


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