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Brazil’s President Bolsonaro with Coronavirus infected – now he wants to take hydroxychloroquine

For months he demanded his fate, now it has caught Jair Bolsonaro: The Brazilian President has been infected with the Coronavirus. “The test result is positive,” he said on Tuesday in front of journalists. “I feel perfectly well. I even want to go for a walk, but on doctor’s recommendation I will not do that.”

A day earlier, the state had sued the chief of a fever and pain in the limbs. As a result, he said some of the appointments, and the hospital was in a military in the capital, Brasília, a corona test. After the positive result Bolsonaro wants to take the controversial means of hydroxychloroquine. The effectiveness of the Malaria drug to combat the lung disease Covid-19 is not yet proven. Just like its model in Washington, the “tropical-Trump keeps” the drug but for a miracle cure.

Jair Bolsonaro largely inactive against corona virus

Brazil is currently one of the focal points of the Corona pandemic. So far, have been infected in the largest country in Latin America, 1.6 million people have evidence of the Coronavirus, 65.487 patients have died in connection with the lung disease Covid-19. Experts believe that the actual Numbers are much higher, as in Brazil, very little is tested.

“I hope that the President of the Coronavirus recovered, so that he can give an account of his actions during the pandemic,” wrote the political scientist Maurício Santoro, University of Rio de Janeiro on Twitter. “The tens of thousands of dead and their families deserve this gesture of respect.”

The Brazilian government has played the pandemic from the beginning down. Bolsonaro self-described Coronavirus as “mild flu” and had to contend against protection measures. Again and again he showed up without a Mouth guard in Public, let his Fans celebrate, triggered mass casseroles and took Selfies with supporters.

“In my particular case, because of my sports background, I would have to Worry if I would be infected with the Virus,” he once said. In fact, Bolsonaro was in his military time, a good five fighters. With 65 years of age, he is now, however, the at-risk group. In addition, he had been in the past few years, multiple surgery after he was injured during the election campaign in 2018 by an assassin hard with a knife.


Corona in the Favelas: If drug gangs, the output inhibit control

Even in the slums of Brazil, the Virus is rampant. While President Bolsonaro of a “Grippelein” speaks, drug gangs began to control the output of lock – not only from noble motives.

Also at the weekend, Bolsonaro was again a lot of people, some without a mask: On Saturday, he took part, together with several Ministers and one of his sons to a dinner on the occasion of the American independence day in the US Embassy. He also flew in the state of Santa Catarina, in order to make the heavy storms is a picture of the situation.

“Life goes on”

In the dispute about the correct handling of the pandemic, the two health Ministers threw already in the towel. Last Bolsonaro vetoed a mask is mandatory in enclosed spaces, such as churches, shops and schools. The rights of the head of state, feared above all, the economic damage of the lock downs. “Life goes on. Brazil needs to produce,” he said on Tuesday. “We need to make us because of the Virus Concerns? Yes. But also because of the unemployment, there are also.”

Although a number of States and cities have taken on their own protection measures, however, the restrictions will be relaxed in many places already. In the metropolis of Rio de Janeiro-Restaurants and Bars opened even on the beach promenade in Copacabana a lot of people cavort again.

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