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Olivia Newton-John's Daughter Gave an Emotional Eulogy That Has Us Tearing Up: ‘I Feel Like a Little Girl Lost’

Olivia Newton-John‘s daughter gave an emotional speech detailing her intimate relationship with her late mother, and it had fans worldwide (us included!) wiping away tears. At a state memorial service in Melbourne on Sunday, Chloe Lattanzi took to the stage and told the crowd her heart is broken in two.

“The other half is with my mama,” the singer said about the Grease star, who passed away in August after a 30-year battle with breast cancer. “I know she’s holding it for me until we meet again.”

Voice cracking and tears undoubtedly flowing, she continued.

“I stand here before you so desperately wanting to feel strong and confident and speak eloquently,” she said to the crowd before her and those watching the service from home. “But the truth is I feel like a little girl lost without her mother. She was my safe space. My guide my biggest fan and the earth beneath my feet.”

Unlike many at the memorial dressed in black, Lattanzi wore a white dress, matching an enlarged photo of her mother on display right by her side. Others were encouraged to wear “a touch of orange, in celebration of Dame Olivia’s favourite color,” according to the state of Victoria’s government website.

Lattanzi said her mother’s spirit was present, telling her to speak from the heart and that she is “stronger than [she] thinks.” With that nudge, Lattanzi went on to share some of her favorite memories.

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She said she loved laughing with her mom and that they “shared the same cackle.” They secretly watched “trashy TV” together, and though her mother supposedly didn’t tell dirty jokes, she “laughed the hardest at them.” She loved watching her mom “find the beauty in everything,” and she loved making her tea — “and then making it five times again until I got it right,” she said.

Perhaps most special of all, she loved writing music and singing with the four-time Grammy winner.

In addition to family members who spoke in person, many stars paid their respects in pre-recorded videos, including Australian A-listers Hugh Jackman and Keith Urban, as well as RuPaul, Mariah Carey, and Pink.

“She was an absolute angel…who was universally loved,” Pink said.

Moving forward, Lattanzi told fans and loved ones that her mother would want them to laugh “and reminisce together in joy and celebrate her life. This life experience is temporary. And my mother is the perfect example of a life truly lived.”

Before you go, check out Pink’s most rad mom moments.

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