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Mindy Kaling reveals she receives the best parenting advice from Reese Witherspoon

"She's the one that has taught me the importance of making time for myself so that I could be a good parent for my kids."

Parents, even if they are celebrities, often need help from other parents on how best they can raise their kids. It is no different for actor Mindy Kaling, either, who has shared that she often looks up to celeb mom Reese Witherspoon for some motherly wisdom.

According to a People report, Kaling revealed that Witherspoon has offered her both parental and professional advice.

“Reese Witherspoon is always such a great source of parenting advice because she is so playful and fun and incredibly busy,” Kaling was quoted telling People exclusively. “She has three kids, but also this really full-time career. She acts, she runs this company, she’s a producer and everything, too.



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“She’s a person who always gives me great advice,” Kaling continued, adding: “I think she’s the one that has taught me the importance of making time for myself so that I could be a good parent for my kids.”

The 42-year-old also said Witherspoon is “just incredibly smart about investing”. “That’s not strictly parenting advice, but I think she’s doing it because she wants to provide for her children and make sure their futures are secure. She’s just so good at that kind of thing.”



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Per the report, the actors “talk all the time”. Witherspoon had earlier told Entertainment Weekly on her collaboration with Kaling for Apple TV+ series, The Morning Show, “We were like, ‘Would you really do this?’ And she was like, ‘Yeah, that sounds like so much fun!’ So she came and played and gave us some of the greatest one-liners…”



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Sometime last year, Kaling had also told Popsugar that Witherspoon has been “a big supporter” of hers, and that she gifted her then-newborn boy Spencer Avu a “thoughtful” assortment of items, along with something for his big sister Katherine Swati, too.



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“I felt like the minute I got back from the hospital, there was a gorgeous gift for Spencer, with beautiful clothes and toys. And this is why you know a gift is from Reese Witherspoon — she also got my older kid something. My daughter, who didn’t do anything, got all these beautiful clothes and toys, too,” Kaling had said.

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