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Meghan Trainor's Son Riley Surprises His Mama at Work & Is the Chillest Toddler Ever

Who knew toddlers could be so chill? Forget every stereotype you’ve ever heard about chaotic, bundle-of-energy, full-of-attitude, tantrum-throwing toddlers — because Meghan Trainor’s son Riley is none of that. The little boy (who turns 2 tomorrow!) once again proved he is the chillest toddler in the history of toddlers when he visited his mom at work. The video from the moment will make your heart melt!

“The easiest ‘yes’ all season 😭😭 ,” the “Made You Look” singer captioned a video posted to Instagram yesterday. She’s on set of Australian Idol — where she is serving as a judge this season alongside Harry Connick Jr., Australian singer Amy Shark, and Australian radio host Kyle Sandilands — when her husband Darryl Sabara walks on stage with their toddler.

“Hi Mommy! I’m going to sing the ABCs,” Sabara says in a little kid voice, while crouched behind Riley. Trainor lights up with the biggest smile as she gazes at her little boy.

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Connick Jr. says, “If he’s going to sing, I wanna play the piano.” He walks over to the on-set piano to accompany the toddler. For his part, Riley is completely unbothered by everything. The little boy has red hair and teal blue glasses, and he’s wearing a blue t-shirt that says, “I am the next Australian Idol” over black pants tucked into white socks. The casual ensemble is completed with little slip-on Crocs.

He’s holding his dad’s hands on the stage, simply gazing at everything in front of him. The light, the cameras, his mom in gorgeous sparkly outfit — none of it bothers this little dude. Although at one point, Trainor jokes that Riley “is about to run away.” Maybe the performing life isn’t for him?

As Connick Jr. starts playing the piano, Trainor and Sabara help Riley sing “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star,” as he just stares at his mama. At the end, Sabara helps him clap. Trainor gives him a golden ticket, and unlike previous contestants who scored that coveted piece of paper, Riley just casually looks at it. Then he throws it to the ground as everyone cheers.

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“He’s too young for this show!” the “Title” singer quips. “It’s a ‘no’ for him.” At the end, Riley deigns to blow his mom a kiss — but he still won’t smile. He hasn’t smiled the entire time, opting for a casual RBF (resting baby face) instead. Somehow, this makes him even cuter!

“He’s gonna be a star!” Trainor says as he walks off, and it’s already so true.

“It should be illegal for him to be that precious,” one person commented. “Absolutely obsessed 🥹,” another wrote.

“Riley was like naaaaah I’m good with that golden ticket mom 🤣😂,” someone else said.

It seems like every time we see Riley, he is just so calm. Trainor and Sabara took their son to Disneyland in Nov. 2022, and he looked totally unenthusiastic the whole time. Then at Christmas, he got a new toy car. He wears a bow tie as he sits in the car, dutifully turning toward the camera. No smile, no silliness, just a grown-up little boy enjoying his life without all the extra fluff. We love it!

The “Title” singer and Sabara have the cutest little family, and we can’t wait to see how it grows when their new baby is born this summer!

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