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Kim Kardashian's Elf on the Shelf Elves Are in Quarantine

OK parents, be honest. How many of you are running out of new and creative places for your children to find their Elf on the Shelf — or just plain forgetting to move it each night?! Trust us, you’re not alone. Right there with you is Kim Kardashian West, who is also exhausted from hiding her children’s four different Elves around her house. The Skims founder has come up with a clever way for getting out of her commitment, and you might want to steal this one for yourself: She put her kids’ elves in quarantine for COVID-19.

Brilliant? Yup. A little dark? Also yup. Kardashian shared the move on her Instagram story, writing that her elves have contracted the coronavirus and thus have to quarantine for 10 days. It’s genius if not slightly morbid. (I mean, they could have just been exposed, right?) But hey, can you really blame her? Like many, this mom needed a break from the elf shenanigans. See below for more pictures of her elves obediently adhering to CDC guidelines.

“Hi North, Saint, Chi & Psalm, We are on a 10 Day Quarantine! We still have our magic and will be back to flying around in 10 days.” The holiday fun will continue in Kardashian’s house, just not now. And don’t worry, we expect the elves to make a full recovery and return to the world COVID free, very soon.

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