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Kaavia James Gives the Shadiest Look on a Winter Tube Ride & It’s Such a Mood

The list of things Kaavia James does not like just got a little bit longer. Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade’s 4-year-old daughter (known as Shady Baby) went on a nighttime tube ride with her family last night — and she was not impressed.

“How they got us going to school in LA. #blizzard #Frozen #shadybaby,” the hilarious video was captioned on Instagram. It’s a little hard to see with all the shade Kaavia is throwing to the camera. As everyone else screams in delight down the snowy hill, Kaavia has the most hesitant look on her face. Her mouth is in a tight line as she looks around her. She’s not scared — and she’s definitely not happy. She looks totally confused why she is doing this.

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“The look of sheer terror at the end gets me every single time 🤣🤣🤣,” one person commented.

Someone else quipped, “…..if ‘y’all the only one smiling’ is a person!!!” Another wrote, “Somebody in trouble! Kaav not happy!”

“If y’all don’t get Kaav in a bathing suit and at somebody’s pool it’s gonna be a problem. Y’all know she’s not about this life. And, she’s telling her dad 🤣,” one person said.

Union also posted the video to her Instagram Story and confirmed what we all know: “@kaaviajames did not enjoy night tubing!!! 😭😭” Poor baby girl.

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