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Grace Irwin Can't Stop Laughing About Her Dad Waving a Giant Stick & It's Ridiculously Adorable

Are your ears prepared for the absolute most adorable noise you’ll ever hear? Bindi Irwin shared a video of her 1-year-old daughter Grace cracking up over a giant stick and it’s impossible not to smile while watching.

Grace’s dad, Chandler Powell, dangles the stick and gently pokes her causing little Grace to have an absolutely uproarious reaction. “Dada is HILARIOUS!,” Irwin captioned the sweet video. “The best sound in the world,” Powell responded in the comment section. 

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Fans flocked to make comments about how cute this video was and how much they could not get over Grace’s big giggle. “I miss how you could make your children laugh with such a simple joy,” one person wrote. Another added: “Oh my, her little laugh is SO contagious. What a sweetheart!”

Grace has been having all kinds of adventures lately. The family took a road trip last week and Irwin shared that her daughter’s new word is “sheep.” The proud mom posted pictures of the family cuddling, bonding and roaming around in the wilderness.

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According to Grace’s grandmother Terri, the 1-year-old is quite at home in nature (perhaps why she was really loving that whole delightful stick bit!) During an interview with ET in January, Terri explained that she already sees resemblances between Grace and her late grandfather Steve.

“She’s got that determination that Steve had and that connection with wildlife. Because it is weird to see animals just gravitate to her,” Terri said. “So she’ll go out in the morning in the stroller, and all the kangaroos just gather around her like they’re having a meeting. That’s Steve [Irwin] all over.”

We can’t wait to watch Grace’s journey as she gets bigger and bigger! Especially if it involves so many more adorable laughs along the way.

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