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George Clooney Opens Up About Parenting Twins Ella & Alexander

George Clooney is many things — an award-winning actor, screenwriter, and producer, to name just a few — but the role he seems most excited about these days is dad. Clooney and wife Amal are proud parents to adorable 3-year-old twins, Alexander and Ella, and while the one-time confirmed bachelor didn’t always envision having such a picturesque family life, he has opened up about his incredible and unexpected life as a husband and father in a new interview with CBS Sunday Morning.

After three years of marriage to human rights lawyer Amal Alamuddin, the couple welcomed Ella and Alexander in June 2017. “And then we had these two knuckleheads,” Clooney joked. “It is very fulfilling and something I wasn’t at all… didn’t see coming.” Since then, Clooney has proved to be an excellent father and has gone to great lengths to protect his tots from any harm that his and Amal’s lives as high-profile celebrities might cause.

Clooney continued, “We never talked about having kids, and then one day we just said, ‘What do you think?’ We go to the doctor and you do the ultrasound. They’re like, ‘You got a baby boy!’ and I was like, ‘Baby boy, fantastic!’ And they go, ‘And you got another one there.’ I was up for one. Again, I’m old. All of a sudden, it’s two. It’s hard to get me to not talk and I just stood there for like 10 minutes just staring at this piece of paper going, ‘What? Two?’ “

Parenting twins may not have been something Clooney expected, but he added that he’s “so glad” Ella and Alexander have each other. “It’s unbelievable,” he said.

As for his life in quarantine lockdown, the actor admits to not exactly enjoying being home all the time, but says the experience has provided him with a newfound respect for his own mom. He told CBS, “I always say I felt like my mother in 1964, because she had two kids and no help. I don’t know she did it now, I have more sympathy for her now than ever.”

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