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Chrissy Teigen Candidly Shared the Leaky Reality of Being a Postpartum Mom

Does something feel … wet? Is it my baby, did he pee? Oh. Oh no — it’s me. I’m leaking, again. If you can relate, then you might be a postpartum mom. It doesn’t matter if you’re breastfeeding or weaning, had a C-section or vaginal delivery, or are just overly emotional — becoming a mom should come with a major leak warning because tears, blood, milk, or pee is coming out everywhere! Mom of three Chrissy Teigen knows what it’s like, and her latest photo has moms cry-laughing in the comments.

The Cravings author shared her first postpartum photo of herself on Instagram since welcoming baby girl Esti Maxine Stephens on Jan. 13, 2023. She looks beautiful, milk stains and all!

“Omw to bandage together both my wound and 3.8 second clips of Beyonce performing in Dubai until I get a full hbo special,” Teigen, who shares newborn Esti, Luna, 6, and Miles, 4, with husband John Legend, joked in her caption. In a comment, she added, “My baby: wah me: learning to edit.” It’s understandable — Queen Bey does take highest priority, always! But while that baby was crying, Teigen was leaking.

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In the photo, she wears a long black dress with two circles of milk around her nipples and a splotchy spot around her crotch. As a mom of three myself, I didn’t even notice the milk spots at first! I was admiring her cozy cardigan, chic hat, and ability to rock boots not even two weeks postpartum. But then I took to the comments of moms praising her vulnerability and looked again. Lo and behold, she is boldly and confidently rocking the leaky look, and I’m in love!

“The milk spots add an extra layer of authenticity to this 🔥😂,” one person commented. Another wrote, “I’m so glad women now have the freedom to acknowledge .. not hide.”

“Love that you are normalizing leaking through everything in the first weeks postpartum,” one mom wrote. “You wake up at night and you’re like ‘Is it pee? Is it milk? Or is it sweat?’ So many body fluid options 😂. Thank you for sharing.”

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Another mom commented, “Hahahaha this sums up life for me these days! Yay for mamas milk!!! 🥥 🥥.” One person wrote, “I remember it like it was yesterday, leaking from both boobs and my healing c-section incision. Ol’ juicy lucys just doing our best 😅.” Juicy Lucy might just be the best nickname for postpartum moms I’ve ever heard!

Others shared tips. “I didn’t have my nursing pads with me at work, once … so I stuck regular menstrual pads in my bra,” one person said. “Worked perfectly and were great to have as a backup, for times I forgot to bring the washable ones.” Genius!

Teigen shared another photo of a wet spot on her breast on her Instagram story yesterday, writing, “wonderful.” All you can do is laugh, right?  

Someone summed up life with a newborn perfectly: “The soggy stage … everything is soggy ❤️.” My baby is almost 1, and that’s still so true! Good for Teigen for not being embarrassed to admit the messy parts of mom life, and here’s to everyone out there springing a leak!

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