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Woman loses four stone by swapping takeaways for home-made healthier fakeaways

Like so many of us, Lucy Robathan, 20, piled on weight after getting into a relationship.

At her heaviest she weighed 15 stone, thanks to curling up on the sofa and ordering a takeaway with her new man every night.

But after realising that none of her clothes fit, Lucy decided to make a change.

She managed to lose four stone and completely transform her body by making one simple change: ditching the takeaways and making her own healthier fakeaway versions at home.

By making her own pizza wraps, vegan kebabs, and McMuffin dupes, Lucy soon saw the weight fall off, and is now just 11 stone.

Lucy, from Hinckley, Leicestershire, said: ‘I have always felt uncomfortable with my body but I never had the motivation to do anything about it.

‘I was bullied when I was younger for my weight but as you get older it stops.

‘I was very uncomfortable going out with my boyfriend, because he was so fit.

‘When I got into a relationship I gained almost two stone- I realised we would order takeaways on most days or go out for meals.

‘I used to get fizzy drinks every day and binge junk food-I didn’t really think about what I was eating.

‘I found Instagram accounts and started calorie counting and making fakeaways.

‘It was more of a lifestyle change for me rather than a diet, I didn’t feel restricted at all.’

Lucy’s fakeways included a 258 calorie kebab, a 307 calorie McMuffin fakeaway made with quorn sausage patties, and 250 calorie pizza wraps.

Lucy’s diet before and after:


  • Breakfast: bacon or sausage baguette
  • Lunch: pizza
  • Dinner: takeout
  • Snacks: chocolate and crisps
  • Drinks: fizzy drinks


  • Breakfast: overnight oats or eggs on toast
  • Lunch: homemade pizza wraps
  • Dinner: fakeaways
  • Snacks: low cal bars, fruits, boiled eggs
  • Drinks: water

Along with tweaking her diet, Lucy, who shares her journey on Instagram, also started doing weight training four times a week.

Her advice to others hoping to lose weight is to go slow and steady rather than doing crash diets and expecting instant results.

‘It took me almost two years to get where I am right now, weight loss needs patience,’ Lucy said.

‘I had a lot of people telling me I look great, ask me how I’ve done it and if I can share any tips.

‘My advice for people trying to lose weight would be that it takes time, it doesn’t happen overnight, don’t be too restrictive.

‘I think it’s important to keep a balance, don’t limit yourself too much and don’t stop socialising because you are on diet.’

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