Watch: Cyclist Hits Olympic-Size Medical Bills After Crash

“CBS This Morning,” in partnership with KHN and NPR, interviews Phil Gaimon, a cyclist who had hoped to be in Tokyo next week as a competitor in the track events on the USA Cycling national team. Instead, a crash on the velodrome track in Pennsylvania in 2019 ended his Olympic dream and left him with huge medical bills — even after his two insurance policies paid portions of the treatment. KHN Editor-in-Chief Elisabeth Rosenthal said Gaimon hit three health care land mines: out-of-network hospitals, out-of-state care and gold-plated charges from the hospitals. Two years after the crash, Gaimon is still fielding calls from collection agencies.

Olympic Dream Dashed After Bike Crash and Nightmare Medical Bill Over $200K

A bicyclist from California competed in a Pennsylvania race that could have landed him in this month’s Tokyo Olympics. Instead, a crash on the velodrome track landed him in two hospitals where his out-of-state, out-of-network surgeries garnered huge bills.

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