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Valneva vaccine: When will Valneva vaccine be ready? Is it in phase 3?

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Valneva and the Oxford AstraZeneca efforts will potentially provide two coronavirus vaccines made with the UK as a partner. The French company, which has a base in Scotland, recently entered a new phase of development. But it could take some time before its makers have the chance to roll it out for public use.

When will the Valneva vaccine be ready?

People have heard about the Pfizer, Moderna and Oxford vaccines almost incessantly over the last month or so.

Each jab has proven successful, and aside from Pfizer’s – which is already on the road – close to public rollout.

Valneva is in a comparatively early stage of development according to its developers.

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The company’s inactivated, adjuvanted COVID-19 vaccine candidate, VLA2001, will enter phase 1/2, they announced today.

Valneva will use a randomised, double-blind study to test the vaccine, taking place in several sites across the UK.

Although encouraging, vaccine chiefs said it would take much longer to develop than others in the US and UK.

They said not to expect an “initial regulatory approval” until the “fourth quarter” of 2021.

The prediction means Valneva likely won’t become publicly available until September-December next year.

Independent investigators and company chiefs hailed the stage and what it means both for science and the UK.

Adam Finn, Chief investigator for the VLA 2001-201 program, and a Professor of Paediatrics at the University of Bristol said the trials would prove how vital cooperation and time-honoured vaccine methods are for combating COVID-19.

He said: “I’m very pleased and proud to be leading the clinical trials effort to bring this vaccine forward in the UK working alongside a very strong team across several National Institute for Health Research NHS sites.”

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“The effort to produce vaccines to prevent COVID-19 and to limit its spread within populations has included several very new approaches, but there are tried and tested approaches to developing highly effective and safe vaccines that we can also use.

“Growing the whole virus and then inactivating it to make a vaccine is an approach first developed in the 1950s and has contributed to disease prevention over many decades.

“We expect this inactivated vaccine containing two adjuvants could generate a broader immune response.”

When the vaccine is available, it will provide the UK with a reliable stock of jabs for the foreseeable future.

Valneva announced a partnership with the UK back in 2020, and if successful, will net the country 60 million doses.

The Government will also get the vaccine earlier, with these doses likely to arrive before the “second half” of 2021.

Between 2022 and 2025, Valneva said it would ship over another 130 million, enough to vaccinate nearly everyone in the UK.

Government officials have repeated a need for a broad spectrum of vaccines necessary to cover everyone, and with Valneva this would make at least four by next year.

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