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The chain of infection is unclear: Six schools in Magdeburg because of Covid-19 closed

Several social institutions had to be closed in Magdeburg due to a coronavirus outbreak. In Saxony-Anhalt’s state capital, there are now 132 Covid-19-cases, two of the Infected are now being treated in hospitals.

Due to an outbreak of the Coronavirus are closed in Magdeburg, Germany from Monday at six schools and two children’s and youth facilities. The chains of Infection are not yet fully understood, shared with the health Department on Friday.

"Currently, we still do not know why it is the new disease in so many different families gibt", the medical officer Eike Henning said. In Magdeburg, 132 Covid-19-cases are reported now reported (as of: Friday 11.00 am). Two Sufferers are currently treated in hospitals, one more Person has died in the night of Friday, as the health announced to velvet.

After sexist comment: the SPD politician AfD-man in the Parliament in front buttoned

FOCUS Online/Wochit After sexist comment: the SPD politician buttoned AfD-man in the diet before

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