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Study of insomnia and optimism

A few months ago published Researchers from the United States a study that showed that optimism lowers the risk of heart attacks and strokes significantly. A reason for the health benefits could be that optimistic people sleep better.

Scientific studies have shown that Optimist and optimist longer than pessimistic people and a lower risk to become chronically ill. One reason for the longer and healthier the life of optimistic people could be a better night’s sleep: this is The Central result of a recent study from Austria.

Optimistic people live healthier

The study, under the direction of Jacob Weitzer and Eva Schernhammer of the Department for epidemiology of the Medical University (MedUni) Vienna was recently published in the journal “Journal of Sleep Research”. Also, the two sleep researchers, Stefan Seidel and Gerhard Klösch (University clinic for neurology, medical University of Vienna), were involved in this scientific work.

Through the analysis of the data of an Online survey for the General sleep characteristics, and, among other things, to the work environment and to the behavior before bedtime in the year 2017, at the 1.004 Austrians took part, the Epidemiological and epidemiologists at the medical University of Vienna show that the probability of sleep disorders or sleeplessness (Insomnia) to suffer for optimistic participants was approximately 70 percent lower than for pessimistic.

“Other studies have shown that optimists do more Sport, less feed Smoking and healthier. In addition, you can apply better strategies to cope with problems and feel less Stress in challenging situations. All of these factors can lead to a better night’s sleep,“ summarizes Weitzer the current state of the research in a press release.

Optimism “train”

The Study authors stress that could promote optimism through various Exercises even. One of these Exercises, the so-called “Best Possible Self is”. “You trying to figure an Ideal, and write down, as best it could look for possible life in the future. After several weeks of regular Exercise, you can promote your own optimism,“ says Weitzer.

It is primary aim is to achieve this “Ideal,” but rather to reflect generally about it and then, realistic goals, optimism for the future. Until today it was uncertain whether the in the Exercises achieved increase in optimism leads to better sleep and better health, stresses Weitzer.

However, should this be the case, what would need to be investigated in further studies, could reduce the number of “optimism training,” the incidence of sleep and other health problems in the population, – stated in the message. (ad)

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