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Keto diet warning: Dr. Rupy would ‘certainly not’ recommend the plan to boost mood

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Does Dr. Rupy recommend the keto diet? “As a strategy to lose weight, yes,” he said. He went on to explain the diet may not be beneficial to mood and urged caution.

“What a keto diet is, is it’s very low protein, very low fibre, and carbohydrate.

“What this erroneously does is cause disruptions to your microbiota, such that they don’t thrive, and that can have a negative effect on how you feel.”

What is microbiota?

Microbiota is the communities of microorganisms living in our bodies.

It includes bacteria, fungi, and other types of cells. The gut has the biggest population, and so what you eat has a huge effect on the health of your microbiota?

Dr. Rupy added: “I’ve done a whole podcast on the keto diet. Some use includes epilepsy and a whole bunch of things.

“I certainly would say it’s certainly not for your mood.”

Dr. Rupy discussed the keto diet in a two-part series on his The Doctor’s Kitchen Podcast.

He was joined by Susan Wood, a UK-registered dietitian.

What’s the keto diet?

The ketogenic diet is a low-carb high-fat diet. It has been used to treat epilepsy, but it also causes fast weight loss.

This is because the diet changes the body’s metabolic function.

It switches from burning carbs, or sugars, as the primary fuel for the body, to burning fat.

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The keto diet suggests getting at least 70 percent of your daily calories from fat and less than 50g of carbs a day.

Foods to avoid on the diet are sugar, grains, fruits, beans, and alcohol.

Keto diet side effects

The keto diet does have some side effects, including the keto flu.

As the body moves into ketosis, it can cause headaches and irritability, as well as a feeling of weakness.

There may also be dizziness, nausea, and sore muscles.

There are various theories and studies about how it may affect mood. Some suggest the keto diet can relieve depression.

This includes perhaps increasing gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) levels and decreasing inflammation.

On the other hand, the symptoms of ketosis could exacerbate symptoms of depression.

It is advised to speak to your doctor before you try a new diet.

Dr. Rupy discussed the “best” vitamins for a healthy gut? 

He warned eating whole foods is the best way to care for your gut, and stated there are no quick fixes when it comes to supplements.

“Diversity in your diet is the best way to support your microbes,” he said.

“When I say diversity, there was a study that found 30 different plant types in your diet per week was shown to improve your gut microbe population.”

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