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Headaches: The festive drinks to stay away from if you want to avoid a migraine

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Glass in one hand, Christmas music turned up and festive cheer all around makes a good party during this time, however, certain drinks could spoil the holiday season and leave you with a headache. Parvinder Sagoo, lead pharmacist and medical advisor for Simply Meds Online names and shames popular festive drinks that are also “migraine triggers”.

It’s no secret that alcohol is not good for our bodies and can cause various health problems.

Some of them can be temporary and appear after a night out like a hangover and headache.

However, if you don’t want to “ruin” your festivities with a migraine, avoiding certain festive drinks could help.

“We know that alcohol causes havoc on our bodies and can leave us suffering from a headache the next day, but some drinks are worse than others,” said Sagoo.

The lead pharmacist revealed the main triggers to be white and red wine, which is sad news for everyone who can’t imagine the festive season without a cup of mulled wine.

The pharmacist said: “Red wine is a popular drink of choice at Christmas, especially mulled red wine, but try to steer clear.”

Another festive go-to that will be served at many parties during Christmas and even New Year’s Eve are champagne and prosecco.

However, Sagoo recommends avoiding fizzy white wine drinks as well because they can also cause migraines.

And spirits are not fair game either as whiskey, scotch and vodka have been previously linked to triggering migraines as well.

The reason why alcohol causes migraines and headaches is partly because of its diuretic abilities, Drinkaware reports.

Diuretic foods and drinks make you pee more as they take fluid out of your body.

But in the case of alcohol, this can leave you dehydrated and with an unwanted headache.

The alcohol charity explains this can be even worse for people who are prone to migraines.

Another reason why alcohol could leave you with a headache is due to its ability to relax blood vessels, causing increased blood flow to your brain.

This can cause both headaches or migraines, Drinkaware adds.

When it comes to specific drinks like red and white wine, the culprit leading to headaches might be sulphites.

Sulphites are minerals, which can be naturally present in some foods but they are also widely used as an additive to prevent foods and drinks from getting spoiled.

White wines have a higher content of sulphites compared to the red option.

However, both of these wines contain these minerals linked to headaches.

The last piece of advice the leading pharmacist offered is not to mix your drinks if you do decide to have some.

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