Delta variant on the rise AGAIN as map reveals third major spike in cases- WATCH

Delta variant: Map shows reported rise in cases in the UK

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The Delta Covid variant is now the most dominant in the UK, behind nearly all Covid cases. But defying expectation, rates have fallen in recent weeks following “Freedom Day” on July 19. Unfortunately, this appears to have been short-lived, as rates have since skyrocketed.

Covid data shows a provisional third wave peak on July 17, at 53,969, two days before the Government shed England’s remaining Covid rules.

Despite concerns, cases started falling two days into restriction-free life when they dropped to 39,315 on July 22.

The trend remained for just over a week until August 2, bottoming out at 21,687.

Yesterday, on August 5, they increased by more than 8,000 infections.

Officials recorded a total of 29,825 new cases, pushing the seven-day average to 25,850.

Genomic surveillance from the Sanger Institute has revealed Delta’s pivotal part in the recent surge.

Although it is the dominant force in the UK, Delta is one of four documented circulating variants.

The institute records genomes per week and has found traces of the B, Alpha and Beta variants alongside Delta.

The same data shows Delta is the driving force behind the latest surge with a preponderance of cases.

During the two weeks leading to July 24, Sanger sequenced 16,266 cases caused by the dominant strain.

The others exist in trace amounts, with six cases of the “B” variant, four of Alpha and one Beta.

The data also shows exactly where the Delta variant is driving the epidemic.

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A heat map released by Sanger shows Delta has latched on to the north, northeast, west, southwest and parts of London.

Neighbouring Leeds and Bradford are amongst the most profoundly affected regions.

In Leeds, sequenced genomes per week currently sit at 405.5, slightly lower at 318 in Bradford.

Delta concentrations have travelled in a band east from there, reaching 188 in Wakefield, 231 in Doncaster, and 216 in East Riding of Yorkshire.

As the map looks south, the most afflicted region is Birmingham.

There, the total number of sequenced genomes per week has reached 331.

Concentrations remain high in pockets of the south, notably 130 in Wiltshire, 141 in South Gloucestershire and 124.5 in Cornwall.

In London, sequenced Delta variants have reached their highest concentrations in Wandsworth, Lambeth and Southwark, where sequenced totals have reached 166, 151 and 165.

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