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Sepsis: Quick Action saves life

Blood poisoning, also called Sepsis, is a common hazardous complication in numerous diseases. Latest studies show that in approximately every fifth case of death in the world, a blood poisoning as the cause of death is involved. In the case of Sepsis quickly, and act correctly, can death avoid cases.

Tens of thousands of people die each year from Sepsis. According to the action Alliance for patient safety e. V. many deaths could be prevented if blood poisoning are more likely to be diagnosed. These warning signs you should know!

Sepsis is often detected too late

Blood poisoning is often detected too late. This can be followed by serious long-term or in the worst case, cause death, warns the action Alliance patient safety. Sepsis is sometimes difficult to distinguish from a flu.

These are the warning signs

Warnings including chills, fever, tachycardia, confusion and an extreme feeling of illness are. At least two of these symptoms, you should think of a Sepsis, and the clarify. This is because the treatment of blood poisoning must begin as soon as possible – with every hour, the ache, to decrease the chances of Survival, emphasize the Patient advocates. It was an emergency – as an acute heart attack or stroke.

Older and very Small count in the risk group

Older people over 60 years, chronically Ill and people with weak immune systems are at risk for Sepsis. In addition to good Hygiene, especially infection protect vaccinations.

Even infants under a year are the details according to a risk group. Possible warning signs are here, that you have to move hard to breathe, and unusually cold and feverish to the touch, slowed down, cramp, don’t eat or drink, and repeated vomiting or diarrhea. Also here applies: to meet at least two of these symptoms, it could be blood poisoning.

Body can’t contain infection

Sepsis arises the Experts and according to experts, when the body’s own defense mechanisms can no longer contain an initially localised infection. Then a chain reaction, through the organs and tissue damage follows in the body. If left untreated, this will lead to failure of the lung, the kidney and other organs, and the circulatory system and eventually death.

According to the action Alliance of about 75,000 people in Germany die every year of blood poisoning – every fourth-fifth of these deaths can therefore be regarded as preventable. (vb; Source: dpa)

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