Ashley Graham’s Self-Love Challenge Is Something We’re All Signing Up For

Scrolling through social media at times can make you feel flat, exhausted, and scrutinising every part of your body. Bombarded with images of fashion models and influencers, it’s hard not to come away from time on the line without feeling a sense of dejection. With filters now projecting an unrealistic expectation of beauty to the point where even our pores now are expected to be invisible, keeping a level head and positive view of our selves can be difficult. It’s refreshing then, to see models like Ashely Graham taking a stand against such unrealistic ideals. 

Taking to TikTok, Graham shared a body-positive message with her followers in a video that asked her fans, “Have you celebrated yourself today?”

In the video, Graham prompts both herself and her followers to recognise all the amazing parts of their bodies and what they’re capable of. For the strongest part of her body, she showed her legs. For the sexiest part of her body, she highlighted her eyes. And as for her favourite part of her body, she caressed her jawline. For the most important body part, she gave a smile and for the part of her body that she would never change, she simply said “everything.”

It might seem simplistic, but how many of us stop to actually look at ourselves in the mirror with kindness and compassion for what our body endures, what it’s been through, and all the things it’s capable of? Not surprisingly, the video has already garnered more than 1.5 million views online, and nearly 1,200 TikTokers have since signed up for the challenge. Now, people of all sizes, races, genders and backgrounds are posting videos of their own in which they celebrate their own bodies. 

Some have championed their breasts as the sexiest part of their body, while others are signalling their heart as the most important body part. One TikToker by the name of @prianotpriya pointed to her brain for the sexiest part of her body. Meanwhile, mum @jastintrugly named her stomach as the most important part of her body because it carried her baby for nine months.

TikToker @cholie02 shared that her favourite body parts are her hands because they allow her to “feel and experience this world.” 

The movement is a powerful one and Graham isn’t taking it lightly. After watching the hundreds of videos shared in response to her own video, the body-positive model took to Instagram to say, “I’m not crying, you’re crying.” In a post, she thanked all those who are taking part in the challenge, writing: “So many beautiful people have been using my sound on TikTok to celebrate their bodies. Take a second today to celebrate yours!”

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