5 Things Your OBGYN Wants You To Know About Your Vagina

If you’re getting ready for an annual visit to your OB/GYN and want to feel prepared, here’s a chance for a vulva-loving cram sesh.

In this week’s Wine + Gyn, our host Reshma Gopaldas is once again joined by Dr. Jessica Shepherd, MD an OB/GYN for some drive-by reproductive health advice that will totally help you feel prepared for your next trip to see your own gyno. We’ve covered the ground on a few of the questions you might have but were too afraid to ask, so now we’re looking at the vagina-loving wisdom that you can always swear by: Will dehydration/how much water you drink daily affect your vag? (oh yeah!) Is there a certain kind of underwear or wipe that is better for your vulva? Do you need Vitamin D down there? How do you become the informed, loving and caring vagina-owner you were meant to be?

If you’ve ever wondered what your OB/GYN is really thinking during your appointments or what reproductive health facts they want you to know about, here’s a chance to get a glimpse.

(Spoiler Alert: They’re really only looking to make sure you’re healthy and comfortable — and they are totally not judging you or your vagina.)

Before you go, check out our favorite vagina-friendly wipes that won’t mess with your pH:

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