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Chuck Wicks and Wife Kasi Reveal Struggle with Male Infertility — and Share a Son Is on the Way

Chuck Wicks Marries Kasi Williams: All the Details from Their "Breathtaking" Cabo San Lucas Wedding

On March 25, Kasi underwent the embryo transfer as Chuck watched. "I see this incubator come in," he recalls, "and I just start sobbing because I knew inside that incubator was my little boy." Eight days later, Kasi and Chuck rejoiced when a home test showed a positive result. Two days after that, their fertility specialist confirmed the pregnancy.

Now, as they happily await the birth of their son, Chuck says he has come to terms with his medical condition. "It just happens," he says, "so that's the reassuring part." And as they've confided in family and friends over these past stressful months, they've discovered their issue is far more common than they'd imagined.

"We started hearing a lot of very similar stories that had successful outcomes," says Kasi, "so I think it gave us that hope that, okay, maybe this can work for us, too."

Having beaten the odds, both say they have found a blessing in their difficulties. "The fact that we had to go this route," Chuck says, "makes us realize even more how special having a child is."

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