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Big Brother Alums Rachel Reilly & Brendon Villegas Reveal Sex of Baby on the Way: 'So Excited'

Forget Big Brother — Rachel Reilly and Brendon Villegas are adding a "Little Brother" to the family!

The reality television alums are expecting a baby boy, the couple reveals exclusively to PEOPLE.

The pair — who welcomed their daughter Adora Borealis, 4, in April 2016— is "so excited" to bring a baby boy into the family, Reilly tells PEOPLE.

"It's going to be so fun to have a girl and a boy! Adora is going to teach her baby brother so much and I can't wait to meet him!" Reilly says, admitting that she "totally wanted a baby boy."

While the couple hoped for a son in their future, Villegas says the most important thing is that everyone is healthy. "Of course we both wanted a boy, but when you become pregnant immediately before the onset of a major pandemic, all you can focus on is keeping your family safe," he tells PEOPLE.

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Reilly, 35, and Villegas, 39, are anxious to see how their baby boy will differ from their daughter, whom Villegas says is an "amazing child who is full of energy."

"I imagine having a boy will be different in all the ways we traditionally imagine, e.g. getting peed on while changing a diaper," Villegas teases. Even more, their son will be the "first to carry the family surname."

When Reilly broke the news, Villegas says he was "besides [himself]." However, Reilly adds that her sex reveal to Villegas didn't go as planned.

"I made him and Adora cupcakes and I wanted the inside to be blue but I didn't have blue icing or chocolate or anything," she says. "I had green chocolate so I put the chips in the center!"

"Brendon took a bite and said they were good, and I asked if he liked the inside — he was not getting it!" she remembers. "I finally said to him to open the cupcakes and he said 'Oh cool.' I was like, 'They are green,' and he finally got it!"

In May, Reilly and Villegas revealed to PEOPLE that they are expecting their second child after "trying for a while now."

"We are beyond excited," she said at the time.

The soon-to-be second-time-parents said they are currently staying focused on maintaining a healthy pregnancy amid the coronavirus pandemic.

"In the midst of a pandemic, I am most concerned with Rachel and the baby both maintaining their health throughout the pregnancy. Honestly, that is all I care for at the moment, their safety," Villegas told PEOPLE.

Adora has also been helping her mom to stay happy and healthy throughout her pregnancy.

"When I have morning sickness, she comes in the bathroom and rubs my back," Reilly said. "She brings me water to drink all day and she even goes and grabs water bottles and tells me I have to drink them for the baby."

"She has made this even more exciting," Reilly added of her daughter.

The couple first met in 2010 on season 12 of Big Brother, before returning to the house for a second time the following year, when Reilly won. They later appeared as a couple on two seasons of The Amazing Race.

Villegas and Reilly tied the knot in September 2012 atop the AT&T Center in downtown Los Angeles.

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