What weakens the mental power, already in the middle ages

High blood pressure, Diabetes and Smoking: a new study in the journal "Neurology" according to the main risk factors that can lead to a sharp decline in thinking skills in middle age. At the same time, researchers from California observed that some of the other risk factor had a surprisingly, in this age, hardly.

The study is 2,675 people attended, with an average age of 50 years, who had no dementia. All of them had one or more cardiovascular risk factors, such as Obesity, high blood pressure, Diabetes, or elevated cholesterol. Many of them were smokers. Thinking and memory tests at the beginning of the study and five years later, showed that five percent of the participants in an accelerated decline in Thinking and memory performed services.

Depending on the risk factors, difference in the proportion of Affected: 7.5 percent of the patients with high blood pressure, a weaker mental performance &ndash showed; without high blood pressure it was only 4.3 percent. Among diabetic patients was 10.3 percent, compared with 4.7 per cent of the people without Diabetes. 7.7 percent of the smokers sections in the Tests was significantly worse than previously, in contrast to 4.3 percent of those who have never smoked. "Surprisingly, it had, obese people and people with a high cholesterol level is no higher risk for a rapid decline in the Denkfähigkeit"Kristine Yaffe of the University of California in San Francisco said.

Taking into account the age, education level and other factors, the researchers noted the bottom line is that smokers had a 65 percent higher likelihood of an accelerated decline in their mental abilities, people with high blood pressure to 87 percent more likely, and people with Diabetes, almost three times as often. One or two of the risk factors occurred at the same time, doubling the probability, that the mental skills wane in comparison to people without risk factors. In the case of persons with three or more risk factors, the probability was even almost three times as high.

Yaffe considers it useful, people in middle age, more the fact that Smoking, high blood pressure and Diabetes, have already in this age, and even within five years, a negative impact on the mental abilities.


Nothing here is under control, with emigrants, about the dramatic Corona location in Florida

You can see in the Video: A German Expat on the dramatic Coronavirus situation in Florida.

“When you see the Numbers, then you think to yourself ‘Where did all this come from?'”

The US state of Florida is a new focal point of the Coronavirus pandemic. At the beginning of July, the state recorded more than 15,000 new infections a day. This exceeds even the Figures from New York. Emigrants Alexander Stöhr, of the for years in Miami, lives, speaks in an Interview with the star about the current situation on the ground.

“At the moment, is indeed called for quarantine, because my partner may have Corona. The Problem is, but Since there’s already the first Problem is that you made the Test before ten days. There is still no result. You have the feeling that I get when I’m people I run with my dog? People with masks. You got me, people keep it and don’t know really where that came from. These large Numbers that high we were, but, for example, a different example on the West coast of Florida. Almost four weeks ago, you get the feeling that no one can keep in mind. Since I was placed in a supermarket, and a mask. It has looked at the cashier behind the counter, and, of course, had no mask. As you have noticed correctly, that the people who work there, is not in the Restaurant, the want, the need, because the employer requires it. But the keeping of it. In my opinion it is due to the political, first and foremost, here in the U.S. or in Florida.

Everything else then follows. The people believe and go out and go to the beaches, to you then didn’t more people do this. All the beaches again. These large Numbers, the aftershocks of a month or two, we will reveal everything completely naturally now. I say that it seems to me, as if nothing is under control you are trying. You talk a lot. There is every day, feel every day a press conference from the White house. The experts give an opinion and say We do, are we supposed to do, stick with it!

The policy does nothing. One has the feeling that the chaotic circumstances help it to be easy to complete in addition to the track. And then you New York have. Because we do the Job. What you have to do? For example, Florida or Arizona? Not masks, bad. You do not say anything, follow the instructions of the experts. The simply do nothing. You are now standing next to him and say I think That is wrong, that we require now to the people that you have to wear a mask. In my opinion this is utter nonsense. In Germany, for example, are all in it together. Since you have a few that are against it. But generally speaking, the policy is a model but. The all pull together, and as a result, the people: know Everything clearly. The make it. Then we do it over here. The President refuses to go out with a mask out of the house, the Vice-President also. If the are no role models for the overall population, then the flaps can’t.”

And what Berlin thinks of when he looks back on Germany?

“A little jealous I must say, because it seems to work just in Germany. I have the feeling personally, and I say many friends here who feel The same way in the news. In Europe, it works now.

Germany, Italy, Spain, France. These people, these countries were badly affected. In March, April didn’t think of that here yet, looking ahead, that could also stand as soon as these countries. The countries have now brought better under control. Since I’m a bit jealous.

You wish, actually, that I would be right now in Germany, because it is me, I think, a little better would go.”

Spahn warns of second wave of Infection: Need to watch out for that ball, man is not the second Ischgl

Federal Minister of health, Jens Spahn (CDU) has expressed concern over the parties of German tourists on the Spanish holiday island of Mallorca. “We have to be very careful not to, that the ball man is a second Ischgl,” said Spahn on Monday in Berlin. The pictures from the weekend had him worried. The Austrian ski resort of Ischgl had been in March, a Hotspot for Corona-infections in the whole of Europe.


Mallorca after the quarantine: An island wakes up

It is important to observe the rules, so to keep distance, which comply with the hygiene measures and wear everyday masks. “Where each other is celebrated, is the risk of infection is particularly high,” said Spahn. If the vacationers anträten then the return trip was on the plane and home a risk of infection. This it was, together, “especially in travel and avoid holiday periods”.

At the weekend, pictures from Mallorca Party had provided strongholds for the headlines, the hundreds will also show German tourists in the celebrations. Hardly one of them was wearing a mask or holding on to distance rules. “I’m really not a spoilsport or a Killjoy, though, or celebration of the transgressor – but it is not the time for this,” commented Spahn.

Spahn warns of second wave: “Should remain vigilant”

In view of the comparatively low Corona Infection in Germany Spahn warned, the location to appreciate. “We should not feel a false sense of security,” said the Federal Minister of health. Local and regional Corona-outbreaks in Germany have shown again and again how easily the Virus, under certain conditions, could spread.

“The pandemic is not over, we are still in the midst of the pandemic,” said Spahn. Worldwide, the Figures were as high as never before. “The danger of a second wave is real. We should remain vigilant and should not be cocky,” he said at the press conference of the President of the Robert Koch-Institute, Lothar Wieler, took part. At the same time Spahn stressed that it should not be automatically expected a second wave in the autumn or Winter.

“We have better learned to live with the Virus, and we also know more about this Virus.” In the past week alone, approximately 500,000 people had been tested for the Virus, and 175,000 more than four weeks ago. According to Wieler 1.1 million people can be tested in Germany at the moment per week in Corona.

Balearic Islands

"Chaotic Zustände" at the airport, and Party-tourists: slipping away from Mallorca, the corona crisis?

Spahn wants to strengthen the EU more

Spahn wants to work also in the presidency of the Council for more independence of the EU in the supply of medicines and protective equipment. “It should not start in China, whether we will have enough protective masks and medicines,” he said. “In this crisis, we Europeans have to learn again that we need to stand together to ward off danger”.

It had shown, “that we must be sovereign in order to protect us”. In addition, Spahn wants to strengthen in the framework of the presidency of the Council of the EU Disease control Agency (ECDC). The Minister also announced that he wanted to strengthen the role of Europe in the world health organization (WHO). The announced withdrawal of the United States was a “major setback” for the organization. It was also important in the Organisation of the necessary processes of reform forward.

In the framework of the German EU presidency, an informal meeting of EU health Ministers will take place on Thursday, which will be held as a video conference.

New in health

Current Virus Situation

Infection figures in Germany more low, however, a new antibody study is a cause of Worry

Current Virus Situation

Infection figures in Germany more low, however, a new antibody study is a cause of Worry


Lockdown emergency brake, R-value, Infected: The most important data to the Coronavirus at a glance

Artist "Odeith"

Graffiti artist creates incredibly lifelike illusions

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Ten pounds in two weeks lose weight? Reporter test the Thonon diet

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So you can detect a bed of nails-ignition – and so they will treat you right

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EMS Training – how it works and who it really is


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California is the model student was, now the Corona is slipping from crisis completely

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Anti-Corona-action: Stunning drones-Show in the night sky of Seoul

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Neck tension solved: to relieve the discomfort and prevent them

Muscle training

So you can build up with resistance bands to target your muscles

Letter published on Twitter

"We would like to thank you for your Einsatz": Hospital donated Mouth guards to the staff

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The right hand care: So treat dry and cracked skin

The fight against the pandemic

Faster, easier, more mobile – the race for the new Corona Tests

Tips a sex consultant

Orgasm of the woman: Why the highlight is not a matter of course

Thermal cycler

Results in just 16 minutes: the new Corona works-quick test

Night’s sleep

Helpful tips to fall Asleep: how to fight the inner turmoil

Application and effect

Zugsalbe against underground pimples, ingrown hairs and purulent Abscesses

First aid: What to do in case of sport injuries

It comes with the Sport or trek to a violation, it is provided at best according to the so-called LUCK rule: P stands for Pause, E for ice, C comes from the English expression "Compression" for compression and H for high camps.

"A quick first aid can the healing process beschleunigen", Thomas Benkert, Vice-President of the Federal chamber of pharmacists says. "Injuries you can’t plan. When Hiking holiday or other sports activities, you should therefore have the appropriate tool even on the go."

P to Pause: In the case of a breach of the activity is immediately interrupted. The skin is injured, it is supplied with a disinfectant and sterile dressings.

E for ice: The injured area should immediately be cooled, for example, with a cold compress or a cold pack from the pharmacy. "A cool compress, please place it on the bare skin. Because after the Removal of the cooling, the bleeding would increase significantly, and the pain stronger. It is better, between the cold compress and the skin, a thin cloth to legen", advises Benkert. Chilled should be over a period of two to three hours. In this time, the cooling should be interrupted regularly so that the muscles can be re-perfused.

C is for Compression: So that the injured area is not to strong swells, a compression bandage will be created. As the swelling increases in the first hours, should be controlled by the tension of the Compression bandage regularly and adjusted.

H for high camps: The injured part of the body, for example the foot, is the best high stored. It is important that, for example, the leg above the heart level is stored, as this facilitates the blood drain the blood.

"A sports injury does not improve within three days, or the function of the joint is restricted, should wenden&quot patients necessarily have to be a doctor;, says Benkert. In the case of sports injuries pain can be applied to the still-active substances such as, for example, Ibuprofen as a Gel or ointment locally. It is important to ensure a sufficient dosage: A three-to five-centimeter-long ribbon of Ointment two to three times a day on intact skin is applied and massaged in. Alternatively, the pain can be used as a tablet taken by mouth. In addition to the synthetic ingredients, even herbal supplements can help with sports injuries, for example, from comfrey or Arnica.


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Brazil’s President Bolsonaro with Coronavirus infected – now he wants to take hydroxychloroquine

For months he demanded his fate, now it has caught Jair Bolsonaro: The Brazilian President has been infected with the Coronavirus. “The test result is positive,” he said on Tuesday in front of journalists. “I feel perfectly well. I even want to go for a walk, but on doctor’s recommendation I will not do that.”

A day earlier, the state had sued the chief of a fever and pain in the limbs. As a result, he said some of the appointments, and the hospital was in a military in the capital, Brasília, a corona test. After the positive result Bolsonaro wants to take the controversial means of hydroxychloroquine. The effectiveness of the Malaria drug to combat the lung disease Covid-19 is not yet proven. Just like its model in Washington, the “tropical-Trump keeps” the drug but for a miracle cure.

Jair Bolsonaro largely inactive against corona virus

Brazil is currently one of the focal points of the Corona pandemic. So far, have been infected in the largest country in Latin America, 1.6 million people have evidence of the Coronavirus, 65.487 patients have died in connection with the lung disease Covid-19. Experts believe that the actual Numbers are much higher, as in Brazil, very little is tested.

“I hope that the President of the Coronavirus recovered, so that he can give an account of his actions during the pandemic,” wrote the political scientist Maurício Santoro, University of Rio de Janeiro on Twitter. “The tens of thousands of dead and their families deserve this gesture of respect.”

The Brazilian government has played the pandemic from the beginning down. Bolsonaro self-described Coronavirus as “mild flu” and had to contend against protection measures. Again and again he showed up without a Mouth guard in Public, let his Fans celebrate, triggered mass casseroles and took Selfies with supporters.

“In my particular case, because of my sports background, I would have to Worry if I would be infected with the Virus,” he once said. In fact, Bolsonaro was in his military time, a good five fighters. With 65 years of age, he is now, however, the at-risk group. In addition, he had been in the past few years, multiple surgery after he was injured during the election campaign in 2018 by an assassin hard with a knife.


Corona in the Favelas: If drug gangs, the output inhibit control

Even in the slums of Brazil, the Virus is rampant. While President Bolsonaro of a “Grippelein” speaks, drug gangs began to control the output of lock – not only from noble motives.

Also at the weekend, Bolsonaro was again a lot of people, some without a mask: On Saturday, he took part, together with several Ministers and one of his sons to a dinner on the occasion of the American independence day in the US Embassy. He also flew in the state of Santa Catarina, in order to make the heavy storms is a picture of the situation.

“Life goes on”

In the dispute about the correct handling of the pandemic, the two health Ministers threw already in the towel. Last Bolsonaro vetoed a mask is mandatory in enclosed spaces, such as churches, shops and schools. The rights of the head of state, feared above all, the economic damage of the lock downs. “Life goes on. Brazil needs to produce,” he said on Tuesday. “We need to make us because of the Virus Concerns? Yes. But also because of the unemployment, there are also.”

Although a number of States and cities have taken on their own protection measures, however, the restrictions will be relaxed in many places already. In the metropolis of Rio de Janeiro-Restaurants and Bars opened even on the beach promenade in Copacabana a lot of people cavort again.

All about Corona

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District administrator Sven-Georg Adenauer wants to Tönnies, the "Bill präsentieren"

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Hardly Anti-body: large study brings no evidence of herd immunity by Corona

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Rip-off with a Corona-immunity fun? No advantage for around 30 Euro

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Every day a Selfie: Like this man for over 20 years changed


In the Church of the tragic death of a 17 – Year-old infected from the mother incorrectly treated

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The young man was celebrating. Then the sleep came. At the end of his leg must be amputated


Woman brings to Covid-19-disease healthy triplets to the world

Corona-Protection Measure

Survey on the mask of duty: "I can verstehen& some people really don’t#034;

Current Virus Situation

"Virus is still da" – a popular holiday country with a disconcerting development

Johns Hopkins University

US physicians: "We are for years, with the masks leben"


Emergency brake when a Lockdown Exit: These districts and cities) to comply with the upper limit (

Günther Jauch

"Who wants to be a millionaire?" seven unusual facts about the popular quiz show


Lockdown emergency brake, R-value, Infected: The most important data to the Coronavirus at a glance

Approximately 22 Million Euros In Damages

Corona-immediately help: the mesh of the scammers

Mouth-Nose Protection

BVG carries out its own checks – anyone who violates the mask of duty, will pay 50 Euro penalty

Mouth-Nose Protection

Eliminate the mask duty when shopping?

Speech on the independence day

Donald Trump: 99 percent of all Corona cases are harmless

Gold-Plated Mask

Indian mouth protection for almost 4000 dollars to make

Meat industry

The Corona-outbreaks in US battle were ignored stations in Germany for months


The race to the Corona vaccine: Who gets it first?

Light view

Remdesivir as Covid-19-approved drug: Thus, the agent can help


No cruises, Aida Cruises and by the end of August – with exceptions

Corona Infections

The Governor of Texas imposed mask of duty, he was not detained for months for necessary

Long and light colored clothing protects you from ticks

In warm weather, ticks are active and waiting in nature to a blood meal. They are not covered by trees, as many erroneously believe, but from the look of the Grass and undergrowth to a host, including humans. Infectious ticks can transmit diseases, it makes sense to protect yourself from bites.

Tick bites by long clothing. Especially suitable bright clothing, because ticks are easy to discover. Repellents will keep ticks and other stinging insects away from your body, can additionally be applied. You can, however, provide no reliable protection. Who was in the nature of on-the-go, should change clothes and, especially in the knees, the groin, the inside of the Elbows and on the scalp are on the lookout for ticks. Measures can be found in spite of all precautions a tick on your body, so you can be with a pair of tweezers, forceps or a tick card removes ticks. It should grab the tick at the Stechapparat and your abdomen do not squeeze it, so that no pathogens from the tick to be pressed in the human bloodstream.

Lyme disease and TBE by ticks

Of ticks before the two diseases can also be transferred to The Lyme disease and tick-borne encephalitis (TBE). In the case of Lyme disease, a wall redness occurs with the engraving around often, a circular, sharply demarcated redness, spreading ring-shaped. More fatigue, head and muscle pain as well as fever may occur. Later on, nerve pain and joint inflammation can be added. The infection can be treated with antibiotics, which should be done soon after the bite. About 30 percent of ticks are Carriers of this disease.

Against TBE is vaccination. This is especially useful if you live in high-risk areas, such as Bavaria and Baden-Wuerttemberg or vacation want to make. Also people who have professionally a lot to do in the woods or go hunting, should be vaccinated, because the virus disease can cause severe inflammation of the nerves and meninges forth.


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Here's What It Really Means When a Narcissist Says 'I'm Sorry'

Clinical psychologist and therapist Dr. Ramani Durvasula makes videos educating people about how to best spot harmful toxic behavior in others, and what to do to protect yourself and limit the damage that can be wrought when you have a narcissist in your life. Having previously explained why it’s not wise to call out a narcissist, Durvasula’s most recent post explores how to respond if a narcissist actually apologizes for the way they have acted.

“The idea that their apology means they understand what they did, and they’re going to change their behavior, it isn’t true,” she says, “and if you hold that belief, it’s likely that you’re going to be very disappointed.”

Men’s Health

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“An apology, done correctly, is taking responsibility; addressing the other person’s feelings, striving for reconciliation, and committing to learning from it,” she continues. “Unfortunately, that’s not what a narcissistic apology is. A narcissistic apology is sort of a way of keeping the trains running on time, of getting off the hook for something, of getting back to the way they want things to be.”

A narcissist doesn’t actually care that they hurt somebody else, and often, Durvasula points out, an apology only comes after a lengthy argument where they believe the person they hurt may take away their “supply.” And in each instance, the narcissist does not learn from the experience or adapt their behavior, and the cycle continues.

It’s pretty easy to identify a narcissist’s apology, simply because they won’t take responsibility for what they did. We’ve all heard that particular kind of non-apology, when somebody sounds like they’re apologizing but really they’re talking around their own accountability by saying things like “I’m sorry you feel that way.”

“In all of these apologies, what you see is that they are not apologizing for something they did or said,” says Durvasula. “They are in essence, though, using the apology as a way of gaslighting you and invalidating your experience: ‘I’m sorry you feel that way,’ meaning ‘you probably shouldn’t.'”

A healthy apology, Durvasula explains, involves acknowledging and owning the original action, not just the reaction. There’s a huge difference between saying “I’m sorry you’re hurt” and “I’m sorry I hurt you, I’ll try to do better.” Durvasula’s three hallmarks of a healthy apology are responsibility, acknowledgment, and commitment.

Source: Read Full Article

Metabolism reacts differently to meals

Healthy adults, and even the twins react differently to the same meals. The show first outcomes of the major diet study, PREDICT-1, the British researchers in the journal "Nature Medicine" published have. They conclude that tailored strategies could be better as a General diet recommendations appropriate to reduce the body weight.

The researchers conclude from the results of the PREDICT study, that everyone is in his food response is unique and there is no "richtige" Way to eat Identical meals were consumed by healthy adults on different days, resulted in the study participants to very different metabolic reactions, even in the case of identical twins. In contrast, the same food led individually to a remarkably uniform results.

A number of factors influenced the metabolic reactions, including intestinal microbes, blood sugar, fat and insulin levels, exercise and sleep. The optimum time to Eat was individual: Some people metabolisers of food at Breakfast is significantly better, while in others no difference was observed.

Low Fat or Low Carb? It depends on the metabolism

The optimum composition of the meals in terms of fat, carbohydrates, proteins, and fiber was also very variable: The nutrient proportions stated less than 25 percent of reactions to food. Therefore, the scientists diets based conditions on solid Nutrient, such as Low Carb or Low Fat for too easy. For example, someone who is sensitive to sugar should not reduce may carbs, whereas this would not be for other people.


Why non-smokers develop COPD

COPD is a disease with a chronic narrowing of the respiratory tract, occurs predominantly in smokers. Researchers have now found an explanation for exceptions to this rule: In the magazine "JAMA" they describe that the size of the breath could play the way of a role in why non-smokers do suffer from them, while some heavy smokers would be spared.

An analysis of data from three large studies showed that people with smaller breathing developed, due in relation to the lung size is much more likely COPD as a study participant, their respiratory system in relation to the lung were greater. People with COPD who had never smoked, had in relation to the lung size is often small respiratory tract, while heavy smokers without COPD had larger airway than the average. This correlation remained even when other known risk factors for COPD, such as air pollution and Asthma, have been taken into account.

Lung function decreases with age

Dr. Benjamin Smith, a lung specialist at Columbia University in New York City, said: "The results show that small Airways relative to lung size is a strong risk factor for COPD. This helps us to understand why 30 percent of the disease in people who have never smoked." This is because lung function decreases with age, so that people who have a naturally low lung function, develop later may be a COPD, even if they are non-Smoking. Conversely, smokers with greater breath because of probably plenty of breathing reserves, the Smoking-related lung damage to cope with.

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease COPD causes breathing problems, which can limit the daily activities of a Person. When children grow, they develop in the respiratory tract normally proportional to your lungs. In some people the airway can be expected, however, for unclear reasons, less than or greater than. Why this is so and whether this could affect want to investigate, the scientists now more.


Minimum distance of a Meter reduces the risk of infection significantly

One of the world health organization-funded study shows that A distance of at least one Meter reduces the number of infections with the Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 – even better is two meters. Face masks and eye protection, also help, but their Use was only for low-security documents.

Researchers from Canada and Lebanon have in "The Lancet" published a study in which they compared the effect of protective measures against respiratory infections Covid-19, SARS, and MERS from 172 observational studies in 16 countries. They came to the conclusion that the Transmission of the viruses was on average 10.2 per cent less, if the people were a distance of a Meter or more. The protection increased with the distance. The Wearing of face masks and eye protection reduced the risk of infection also, however, the data were less clear.

The researchers found that even when used properly, no action, with a complete protection against infection was associated with: "In addition to the physical distancing and the use of face masks and eye protection for more basic measures such as hand hygiene are still required."

Simon Clarke, associate Professor of Cellular Microbiology at the University of Reading, advises, therefore, to distance themselves socially: "The protective covers for the eyes or face are an additional protection. A closed door is the most effective measure to protect against Covid-19."